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Pico (text editor)

Pico (Pine composer) is a text editor for Unix and Unix-based computer systems. It is integrated with the Pine e-mail client, which was designed by the Office of Computing and Communications at the University of Washington.

From the Pine FAQ: "Pine's message composition editor is also available as a separate stand-alone program, called PICO. PICO is a very simple and easy-to-use text editor offering paragraph justification, cut/paste, and a spelling checker..."

Pico does not support working with several files simultaneously and cannot perform a find and replace across multiple files. It also cannot copy text from one file to another (though it is possible to read text into the editor from a file in its working directory). Pico does support search and replace operations.

Pico's interface is in many ways very similar to that found in Windows editors, such as Notepad.

By comparison, some popular Unix text editors such as vi and Emacs provide a greater number of features than Pico, including regular expression search and replace, and working with multiple files at the same time. However, they are generally harder to learn.

A clone of Pico called nano, which was formerly part of the GNU Project, was developed because Pico's earlier license was not a free software license, since distribution of a modified version of the code was ambiguously forbidden. By default nano attempts to mimic Pico to replicate the environment users are used to. However it can be configured to offer mouse support, auto indentation, regular expression searches and even syntax highlighting making it more useful. Newer versions of Pico as part of Alpine are released under the Apache License.

Pico (programming language)
See also Pico (disambiguation).

Pico is a programming language developed at the Software Languages Lab at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The language was created to introduce the essentials of programming to non-computer science students.

Pico can be seen as an effort to generate a palatable and enjoyable language for people who do not want to study hard for the elegance and power of a language. They have done it by adapting Scheme's semantics.

While designing Pico, the Software Languages Lab was inspired by the Abelson and Sussman's book "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs". Furthermore, they were influenced by the teaching of programming at high school or academic level.

Pico should be interpreted as 'small', the idea was to create a small language for educational purposes.

Pico (supercomputer)

PICO is an Intel Cluster installed in the data center of Cineca. PICO is intended to enable new "BigData" classes of applications, related to the management and processing of large quantities of data, coming both from simulations and experiments. The cluster is made of an Intel NeXtScale server, designed to optimize density and performance, driving a large data repository shared among all the HPC systems in Cineca.

Usage examples of "pico".

The first number on speed dial is the office of Wyatt Porter, chief of the Pico Mundo Police Department.

Stambaugh, my friend and employer, owner of the Pico Mundo Grille, tells me that this displaced architecture is better than the dreary acres of stucco and graveled roofs in many California desert towns.

I have seldom crossed the city line of Pico Mundo and have never been beyond the boundaries of Maravilla County.

I said, referring to Poke Barnett, the other short-order cook at the Pico Mundo Grille.

Terri Stambaugh, my friend and the owner of the Grille, to suggest that a statue of Gandhi should be modeled after Brad Pitt in the hope that he would then attend the ceremony, which would be a big deal by Pico Mundo standards.

They had instead gone through this gate, through those doors, and down into a world below Pico Mundo, a world that I knew existed but that I had never visited.

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Without aggressive diversion of storm runoff, a significant portion of Pico Mundo would be at risk.

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The flood-control system that benefited Pico Mundo had been constructed largely to ensure that the runways and the vast facilities of the base were protected from Mother Nature in her most thunderous moods.

I found myself beyond the limits of Pico Mundo, but not in a land ruled by magic.

If that poor kid went on a date, it would be all over Pico Mundo the next morning.

STAMBAUGH SITS in her apartment kitchen above the Pico Mundo Grille, drinking strong coffee and paging slowly through an album of photographs.

Fate drove the Lord of Pesaro to act upon it, and to seek out Antonio Maria Pico, Count of Mirandola, in his palace by the river, where Pico, as Ascanio had foreseen, gave him a cordial welcome.

In talk with Pico he set forth his intent, elaborating what already he had told the Cardinal Vice-Chancellor.