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The Collaborative International Dictionary

abbr. 1 (context grammar English) verb intransitive or intransitive verb (often appears in dual language dictionaries) 2 (context British colloquial pejorative English) village idiot alt. 1 (context grammar English) verb intransitive or intransitive verb (often appears in dual language dictionaries) 2 (context British colloquial pejorative English) village idiot


adj. denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units [syn: six, 6, half dozen, half a dozen]


VI or Vi may refer to:

VI (Circle Jerks album)

VI is the fifth album by the hardcore band Circle Jerks (although a popular misconception is that this is their sixth record), which was released in 1987. It was the band's last album before their 5-year hiatus from 1989 to 1994. Originally released on the Combat Records label, VI is currently out of print, however in Feb 2016 the album has been re-released and remastered on CD.

VI (Onslaught album)

VI is the sixth studio album by English thrash metal band Onslaught, released on 20 September 2013. It is their second album to have bassist Jeff Williams, first to have drummer Michael Hourihan and third in a row to have vocalist Sy Keeler.

Usage examples of "vi".

The first album recorded was of the poet Charles Olson reading from his new book Maximus IV, V, VI, as well as parts of the Mayan Letters and other works.

Pierre and Martin des Essars, starting from bourgeois origins in Rouen, had become enriched and ennobled in the serVIce of Philip the Fair and Philip VI.

And he, Admiral Ramos Broder, honor graduate from the Deluros Military Academy, author of two highly-praised volumes on the tactics of space war, former ambassador to Canphor VI, would grow old and die, awaiting the opportunity to prove his mettle in battle.

Nothing happened, of course, and Schellenberg, who at this time became head of Amt VI, set up a well-funded department, to carry out research in secret communications including inVIsible inks and microfilms as well as cryptography and cryptanalysis.

The punishments of Dirce and the Danaides are cited in I Clement vi, 1 ff.

Spain began to dispute with Portugal the possession of the Moluccas, as being situated within the hemisphere which had been allotted to them by the bull of Pope Alexander VI, dated the 4th of July 1493.

The Deified Makarska Vis lingered for a moment, glaring at him with a displeasure almost too intense for an electronic entity.

Starbase, Turtle feared, was a prison where they would serve life sentences for having offended the Deified Makarska Vis.

It was certain he would be reelected Dictat if he stood, and almost as certain that the Deified Makarska Vis would bow before a motion of censure from the Deified.

Starbase, the Deified Makarska Vis put three guests of mine off the Guardship.

She argued, but did not carp or collude or try to rally the opinions of others, as the Deified had become accustomed to do since Makarska Vis introduced the spirit of diVisiveness.

For a moment Yatima wondered if the clouds had been seared away, but as vis eyes desaturated and adjusted their response ve could see that the light was shining right through.

Margaret had espoused Edmund, earl of Richmond, half brother of Henry VI.

Letter of the Princess Elizabeth, date July 16th, 1792, Feuillet de Conches, vi.

At VIenna I met the Comte de la Perouse, who was trying to induce the empress to give him half a million of florins, which Charles VI.