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PHAR (file format)

In software, a PHAR (PHP Archive) file is a package format to enable distribution of applications and libraries by bundling many PHP code files and other resources (e.g. images, stylesheets, etc.) into a single archive file.

PHAR files may be in one of three formats: tar, and ZIP, which are compatible with their respective tooling, and a custom PHAR format. Regardless of the format used, all PHAR files use the .phar file extension. Tar and Zip format archives may be created and unpacked using standard tar and zip utilities, while the PHAR format requires custom PHP code using the PHAR extension for PHP, or the PEAR PHP_Archive package.

Usage examples of "phar".

And after him would come Phar Fly, Cavaliere, Sea King, Avenger and Kashmir.

Carus Fraxinus and Aulakh Phar have already chided me for missing a valuable opportunity, and they were right.

I believe him about Phar -- he probably knows every detail of this business that Fraxinus, Phar and Keshvara are learning up for.

Did Phar tell you, by any chance, what he and Fraxinus are really after?

Phar and Keshvara might be in it for simple profit, but Fraxinus has higher motives in mind.

In addition to the six dark landers Fraxinus and Phar had four gold ens with them to help tend the horses and the donkeys and to drive the two narrow but heavily laden carts which accommodated the greater part of their supplies and trade goods.

Men like Fraxinus and Phar cannot know what is happening here in the forest.

Lucrezia said, hoping that it might be true although she was uncomfortably aware of the fact that she could not be certain of a warm welcome from Carus Fraxinus and Aulakh Phar now that Hyry was not with her.

They moved on very quickly, and Lucrezia knew that they must be travelling at least as fast as Fraxinus and Phar.

It sounded like the kind of word that Aulakh Phar might know, or Carus Fraxinus, but to Hyry it meant nothing at all.

Checuti knew that he was not strong enough to wield one effectively and could not believe that Phar, Fraxinus and the boy could make any better use of such weapons.

Carus Fraxinus and Aulakh Phar to help to find a home for the nest, and I will but it is you who are in no position to make bargains.

You do not need Ereleth because she is a queen, but because she is wise and that is why you need Carus Fraxinus and Aulakh Phar too, and Andris Myrasol.