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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
peripheral vision (=your ability to see things to the side of you when you are looking ahead)
▪ She could read easily, but her peripheral vision was poor.
▪ The government was determined to avoid confrontation with any Great Power over peripheral areas where significant economic development was out of the question.
▪ Now, however, it appeared there could be progress in several peripheral areas of dispute.
▪ This effect will be reinforced if the infrastructure of peripheral areas appears inadequate.
▪ Within consciousness one can experience a focal and a peripheral area.
▪ Yet, like the developing countries, the Western Isles are clearly a peripheral area.
▪ The rods are situated mainly in the peripheral area of the retina and they are activated in lower levels of lighting.
▪ To fix it locally, the part is finely focused and the peripheral area diffused, greyed and lost.
▪ Much of the peripheral area is former coal field rather than rural.
▪ The commonest peripheral devices are undoubtedly printers, with the majority being dot-matrix types, including some letter-quality machines.
▪ A third is transput instructions, requiring a field to specify one from a range of peripheral devices.
▪ Here the maintenance of the peripheral devices used to access and present the information will be essential.
▪ Currently, Sun customers pay service and support charges for each hardware configuration and an additional fee for each peripheral device.
▪ Although a definition of central information was attempted, no clear description of the types of peripheral information available was previously offered.
▪ This may have meant that these stimuli contained relatively little peripheral information.
▪ If films have little peripheral information in them then it may be that memory for such information is largely irrelevant.
▪ If there is little peripheral information in the non-risky exemplars, attention focusing would have no general effect on recognition sensitivity.
▪ What defines central versus peripheral information?
▪ This allows them to maintain the same panoramic peripheral vision over a wide range of light levels.
▪ I held Ellie in my peripheral vision, watching her long neck and the swell of her chest from across the room.
▪ I was taking it slowly when I caught a flash of red on the edge of my peripheral vision.
▪ I made do with peripheral vision, which, after all, is the next best thing.
▪ Use your peripheral vision widely when moving from place to place.
▪ Tracers from our own guns flowed in my peripheral vision.
▪ It is a society in which women's rights and concerns are still treated as peripheral.
▪ Stan plays a peripheral character in the series.
▪ The romance was peripheral to the movie's main plot.
▪ The U.S. State Department had only a peripheral role in the negotiations.
▪ Too much money is being spent on peripheral programs when our kids can't read or do basic math.
▪ Although a definition of central information was attempted, no clear description of the types of peripheral information available was previously offered.
▪ But Mrs Clinton has said they prove that her involvement was peripheral.
▪ But those were the peripheral ingredients to the Bruins' second nonconference home loss in the past 46 games.
▪ During the recession some larger companies recognised a need to dispose of peripheral interests and apply the proceeds to their core businesses.
▪ So the first step in treating peripheral neuropathy is maintenance of tight control of blood glucose levels.
▪ Why, some might question, is there such an emphasis on something which is so peripheral to the New Testament?
▪ But harmonization will now concentrate on the essentials - the peripherals will be left to a process of mutual recognition by states.
▪ Destiny provides imaging controller software and hardware technology for printers and desktop peripherals.
▪ Soon preschoolers will get their shot using new peripherals and software developed jointly by Compaq Computer Corp. and Fisher-Price.
▪ The seven Super Compstation 10 models are each offered with a range of options for storage, monitors and other peripherals.
▪ The two pieces of add-on hardware, called peripherals, are pricey.
▪ There are also various peripherals at competitive prices too.
▪ These peripherals also come with their own software, so the accompanying bundle is better than most.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Peripheral \Pe*riph"er*al\, a.

  1. Of or pertaining to a periphery; constituting a periphery; peripheric.

  2. (Anat.) External; away from the center; as, the peripheral portion of the nervous system.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1803, from periphery + -al (1). An earlier formation was peripherial (1670s). Related: Peripherally. As a noun, peripherals, "peripheral devices of a computer," is from 1966.


a. 1 on the periphery or boundary 2 beside the point 3 unimportant 4 auxiliary 5 (context neuroanatomy English) a part of or located in the peripheral nervous system n. 1 (context computing English) a device, such as a printer or scanner, connected to a computer 2 peripheral vision

  1. adj. on or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary; the outer area; "Russia's peripheral provinces"; "peripheral suburbs" [ant: central]

  2. related to the key issue but not of central importance; "a peripheral interest"; "energy is far from a peripheral issue in the economy"; "peripheral issues"


n. (computer science) electronic equipment connected by cable to the CPU of a computer; "disk drives and printers are important peripherals" [syn: computer peripheral, peripheral device]


A peripheral is "an ancillary device used to put information into and get information out of the computer".

There are three different types of peripherals: input devices, which interact with or send data from the user to the computer (mice, keyboards, etc.), output devices, which provide output to the user from the computer (monitors, printers, etc.), and input/output devices that perform both functions. Touchscreens are an example that combines different devices into a single hardware component that can be used both as an input and output device.

A peripheral device is generally defined as any auxiliary device such as a computer mouse or keyboard that connects to and works with the computer in some way. Other examples of peripherals are image scanners, tape drives, microphones, loudspeakers, webcams, and digital cameras. Many modern devices, such as digital watches, smartphones and tablet computers, have interfaces that allow them to be used as a peripheral by desktop computers, although they are not host-dependent in the same way as other peripheral devices.

Common input peripherals include keyboards, computer mice, graphic tablets, touchscreens, barcode readers, image scanners, microphones, webcams, game controllers, light pens, and digital cameras. Common output peripherals include computer displays, printers, projectors, and computer speakers.

Usage examples of "peripheral".

In her peripheral vision Marcie saw Chase glance at her before returning his attention to the road.

It takes me some time to put together the jigsaw shapes in his peripheral vision, to recognize the mech that called itself Microtron, and, much to my surprise, Persephone.

His flesh was stitched to the cold stones underneath, and he had lost his peripheral vision.

Peripheral vision told me Brasil had done the same with the frag rifle, and that Sierra Tres had her arms at her sides.

Here belongs all so-called mechanical dyslalia, caused by defects of the peripheral speech-apparatus.

He triggered the full-circle display, the fisheye appearing in the lower corner of his sight where peripheral vision would pick it up.

On global and peripheral Fordism, see primarily Alain Lipietz, Mirages and Miracles: The Crises of Global Fordism, trans.

If to direct eyesight, no design appeared evident, the far fringes of peripheral vision sometimes tagged his tracery in hair-fine trailers of phosphor.

Roosevelt did not like the plan at all as being both peripheral and neocolonial, and it made no appeal to the Joint Chiefs.

In retinitis pigmentosa the peripheral or extramacular portions of the retina are subject to a pigmentary degeneration that renders them insensitive to light, and patients so afflicted are consequently incapable of seeing at night as well as others.

I have already hinted, in my account of the reductive steps the group employed, that a variety of experimentally or theoretically inconvenient processes that also occurred during the behaviour, such as a contribution of the peripheral nervous system, and some of the polysynaptic inputs onto the motor neuron, were dissected away and no longer taken into consideration.

With the necessary peripheral equipment, they are capable of detecting changes in voice and body language, as well as psychophysiological changes, such as heart rate, skin conductance, and blood pressure - biological cues associated with emotion and arousal that therapists may not be able to detect.

In some the top of the head is pale brown, but it is edged by a dark peripheral line, and in some there are one or more irregular dark spots between the fore-limbs.

The story of the Aotea canoe, which is the tribal canoe of the Wanganui-South Taranaki area of the west coast of the North Island, appears to stand somewhat apart from the other tribal canoe traditions and have an archaic flavour, according with the thought that the people of this peripheral area handed on to their descendants a distinctive early canoe tradition.

He took in all the peripheral scenes with a swift sweep through his virtual vision display grid, concentrating on the tracks ahead.