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Perico may refer to:

  • Perico (dish): a popular Venezuelan and Colombian dish based on scrambled eggs and various vegetables
  • A nickname of Pedro Delgado, a Spanish cyclist
  • Miguel Ángel Alonso or Perico Alonso, father of Xabi Alonso
  • Perico (Spanish footballer), Spanish football (soccer) player, full name Pedro José Pinazo Arias
  • Perico, Cuba: a city in Matanzas Province
  • Ciudad Perico: a city in the Province of Jujuy, Argentina
  • Perico, Texas: a ghost town in the United States
  • Gabriele Perico, Italian footballer
  • One of the ring names of Mini-Estrella Mini Máximo
  • a city in Jujuy Province, Argentina
  • Perico (band): a Melbourne rock/pop band
  • Perico (book): a short stories book by Uruguayan writer Juan José Morosoli
  • (widely used in Spain) a supporter of the Spanish football club RCD Espanyol, after the club mascot
Perico (dish)

Perico (or huevos pericos, lit. "parrot eggs") is a dish in Venezuelan and Colombian cuisine prepared with scrambled eggs, butter, sautéed diced onions, and tomatoes. Scallions are a frequent substitution or addition to the onions, especially in Colombia. Perico may also include chopped cilantro greens, ground peppers, annatto and occasionally hot peppers. It can be regarded as a tropical version of scrambled eggs and can be eaten alone, with bread, usually at breakfast time; or at any time, as an arepa filling.

The name comes from the bright colors of the scallions, tomato and eggs, mimicking the colors on a perico (parrot).

Perico (Spanish footballer)

Pedro José Pinazo Arias (born 18 January 1985), known as Perico, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder.