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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a/one hundred percent
▪ I'm not a hundred percent sure where she lives.
▪ I agree with you a hundred percent.
▪ Absolutely I agree one hundred percent.
▪ All of our history, we stayed just about one hundred percent occupancy.
▪ It is, of course, a hundred percent certain that this triggering device is battery-powered.
▪ She hoped so, but she wasn't a hundred percent certain.
▪ The unit included a spinning mill within its plant, producing one hundred percent wool yarn.
▪ There was no doubt that Kirsty was one hundred percent MacKay.
▪ Therefore, even firms that are a hundred percent domestic get an extra lift from lower interest rates.
give a hundred percent
▪ Everyone on the team gave a hundred percent.
▪ Our "Gold" credit card only charges 8.5 percent interest.
▪ Three years ago Rover linked up with Honda, which took a 20 percent stake in the company.
▪ Westinghouse will take a 48 percent stake in the joint venture and invest $ 2. 5 million.
▪ Its main partner is Scandinavian Broadcasting Systems, a media firm in which Disney has a 23 percent stake.
▪ Sandoz spent $ 400 million in 1992 for a 50 percent stake in SyStemix Inc., a Palo Alto biotech firm.
▪ Initially, Aegon will find the additional in a way that will give them a 50 percent stake in the non-with-profits business.
▪ Mediobanca is being forced to acquire the 10 percent stake after secretly buying that much in October.
▪ By 1988 this had dropped to about 15 percent of spruce, and other species such as pine and fir showed similar improvements.
▪ Minnesota Educational Computing Corp., which sells educational software, dropped 15 percent, or 3, to 17.
▪ Higgs and Hill sold 500 homes in 1988, but volumes dropped by 35 percent in the first half of 1989.
▪ Imports dropped 9. 9 percent to $ 6. 31 billion, the government said in a statement.
▪ By 1970 this figure had dropped to 4 percent.
▪ The number of training sorties flown by its pilots had dropped 7. 8 percent a year for nearly a decade.
▪ Thereby the publisher's final profit would drop some 50 percent: so he would need to raise his price.
▪ Sheep inventories nationwide dropped another 15 percent last year.
▪ There are also funds investing in much smaller economies representing 1 percent or less of world capitalisation.
▪ Either would be in sharp contrast to pre-settlement times, when pines represented 90 percent of the forest.
▪ These represent another 10 percent in relation to the total number of workers already with jobs in the social sector.
▪ Contact lenses represent 15 percent, and contact-lens solutions 25 percent.
▪ The Trust's share of Wellcome represents 95 percent of its income-producing to seek a larger and more broadly based income.
▪ As with national expenditure these increases represent a 15 percent rise compared with the budget for 1992/3.
▪ In 1994, the public deficit represented 6 percent of national output.
▪ The results showed that 69 percent of all beech and 78 percent of yew had some form of dieback.
▪ Calculated in the currencies where Sandoz generates its revenue, sales showed a 14 percent rise.
▪ A similar poll last year showed 52 percent favoured retention.
▪ The poll showed Dole with 37 percent, Forbes with 18 percent and Buchanan with 10.
▪ Official results showed that 98.7 percent of voters had endorsed the document, and that the turnout had been 97 percent.
▪ Exit polls showed that 81 percent of those who voted for the president had a favorable opinion of his wife.
▪ They have also shown that 60 percent of the energy released from fossil fuels is wasted.
▪ Surveys showed that 10 percent to 30 percent of them were willing to pay for access.
▪ Exports in the group increased 49. 1 percent from a year ago to $ 485. 92.
▪ Prepaying an 8 or 9 percent mortgage equals earning a no-risk 8 or 9 percent on your money.
▪ The incomes thought to be needed exceeded the amounts available under the social security system by 61 percent.
▪ The mean underwriting fee was 1.4 percent of the issue's nominal value.
▪ Twenty-five percent rated it as poor and 43 percent as fair.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1560s, per cent, from Modern Latin per centum "by the hundred" (see per and hundred). Until early 20c. often treated as an abbreviation and punctuated accordingly.


a. Expressed in percents; usually together with a number. n. 1 A part or other object per hundred 2 percentage.


n. a proportion multiplied by 100 [syn: percentage, per centum, pct]


Usage examples of "percent".

He also noted that a study in the spring of 1964, when Vietnam was a minor issue in the newspapers, showed that 53 percent of college-educated people were willing to send troops to Vietnam, but only 33 percent of grade school-educated people were so willing.

By the end of the war, roughly 90 percent of the Kosovar Albanian population had been killed or driven from their homes.

Not long out of his teen years, and already so dedicated to his job that he had put himself through BUDS, a training program so tough only about 5 percent of the men who began it made it all the way through.

He was as good as 90 percent of the adult alpinists in the world and had summited Everest already.

All Angels wear this patch, as do most other outlaws, and all it means is that they are proud to be part of the alleged one percent of bike riders whom the American Motorcycle Association refuses to claim.

In the deep seas, such bathypelagic monsters as anglerfish were slow moving, with a metabolic rate as low as one percent of fish living near the surface.

Every gram of antihydrogen would meet a gram of normal matter and convert to energy at one hundred percent efficiency.

Of this Jewish immigration, approximately 80 percent were Ashkenazi Jews.

Obviously, many of their systems had to be new-construction, but the truth is, that probably at least eighty-five percent of the design was based on existing hardware.

Last year epidemiologists from the University of Missouri found that atrazine may lead to reproductive abnormalities in humans, including sperm counts that are 50 percent below normal.

Canadian sociologist Reginald Bibby has shown that fewer than 10 percent of those who join evangelical churches come from outside the evangelical community, and most of that 10 percent usually come from other churches or through intermarriage.

Their bioelectric fields were down fifteen percent from the recommended human level, while their metabolism and general blood chemistry showed signs of advanced energy depletion.

Something like sixty percent of biotech start-ups failed, so the danger of losing some or all of an investment to bankruptcy was very real.

The Bosnian Muslims call themselves Bosniaks and were given fifty-one percent.

Yet Muslims, the newly named Bosniaks, had been given fifty-one percent of the remaining region.