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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Navelwort \Na"vel*wort`\, n. (Bot.) A European perennial succulent herb ( Cotyledon umbilicus), having round, peltate leaves with a central depression; -- also called pennywort, and kidneywort.


n. 1 A name given to several completely different plants around the world. In general they all have round leaves of about the shape and size of a (pre-decimal) penny. 2 # (context in Europe English) A succulent, perennial flowering plant ((taxlink Umbilicus rupestris species noshow=1); (vern: penny-pies), (vern: wall pennywort), (vern: kidney wort), navelwort) in the stonecrop family (Crassulaceae). 3 # (cx in Asia English) The edible (vern: asiatic pennywort) ((taxlink Centella asiatica species noshow=1)) 4 # Aquatic or semi-aquatic plants in the genus (taxlink Hydrocotyle genus noshow=1) ((vern: water pennywort), (vern: Indian pennywort), (vern: marsh penny), (vern: thick-leaved pennywort), and white rot). 5 ## such as the edible (vern: dollarweed) ((taxlink Hydrocotyle umbellata species noshow=1)) 6 # liverwort ((taxlink Anemone hepatica species noshow=1), liverleaf) 7 # (vern: Virginian pennywort) ((taxlink Obolaria virginica species noshow=1)) 8 # (taxlink Cymbalaria muralis species noshow=1) 9 # (taxlink Cymbalaria aequitriloba species noshow=1), a plant with tiny ivy-like leaves with copious purple-pink flowers with yellow throats.


Pennywort is a common name given to several different plants around the world. In general they have round leaves and a low-growing habit. Pennywort may refer to:

  • In Asia: the edible Asiatic Pennywort, Centella asiatica. Other common names include Gotu Kola (ගොටු කොළ), Luei Gong Gen, Takip-kohol, Antanan, Pegagan, Pegaga, vallaarai (வல்லாரை),Kudavan(കുടവൻ) other common name among the Hmar tribes is "LAMBAK" or "ANINKEI"

Kudavan(കുടങ്ങൽ),Muththil(മുത്തിൾ. Kula kud, Bai Bua Bok (ใบบัวบก), Mandukaparni (Sanskrit), Saraswati, or rau má, pak nork (ຜັກໜອກ)

  • In Europe: Navelwort, Umbilicus rupestris (formerly Cotyledon umbilicus), aka Penny-pies, Wall Pennywort, or Kidney Wort, a succulent, perennial flowering plant in the stonecrop family Crassulaceae
  • Water pennywort, the genus Hydrocotyle, aka Indian Pennywort, Marsh Penny, Thick-leaved Pennywort and even White Rot, aquatic or semi-aquatic plants
    • such as the edible Dollarweed, Hydrocotyle umbellata
  • Liver leaf, Anemone hepatica, aka liverwort
  • Virginian pennywort, Obolaria virginica
  • Cymbalaria muralis
  • Cymbalaria aequitriloba, tiny ivy-like leaves with copious purple-pink flowers with yellow throats.

Usage examples of "pennywort".

Choked drainage-dikes provided a haven for marsh pennywort, bog asphodel, sedges, and rushes.