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vb. (context Scotland Northern England English) To pant, to struggle for breath.

Pech (mythology)

The pech were a type of gnome-like creatures in Scottish mythology. They were of short height but extremely strong. They brewed heather ale and battled against the Scots.

In one fairy tale, an old blind pech is on his deathbed. He asks his sons if he can feel their arm muscles, to feel how strong they've grown. His sons play a prank on him, giving him a metal cup instead of one son's arm. He snaps the metal cup with his fingers, shattering it, to the amazement of the sons. Even sick on his deathbed, he is stronger than his young healthy sons.

The Pech were thought to be one of the aboriginal builders of the stone megaliths of ancient Scotland, along with giants. They might be related to the Picts and pixies.


Pech, Pèch, or PECH may refer to:

  • Pech people, an indigenous people in northeastern Honduras
  • Pech (Dungeons & Dragons), a creature in the Dungeons & Dragons series
  • Pech (mythology), a type of gnome-like creatures in Scottish myth
  • Pech (novel), a 2002 novel by Joanna Chmielewska
  • Pech (river), in Nuristan and Kunar provinces of Afghanistan
  • A word meaning "hill" in toponymy in Southern France, like for instance in Pech, Ariège, Pech-Luna, Pech Merle, Pech Rouge, Pécharmant or Saint-Amans-du-Pech
  • Pech (Planet) the world of the Kroots, a fictional species in the Warhammer 40,000 universe
  • a monster in Pokémon
  • the Creole name for Perches, Nord-Est, Haiti
  • Committee on Fisheries, a committee of the European Parliament
  • Benjamin Pech, an étoile at the Ballet de l'Opéra National de Paris
  • Miloš Pech (born 1927), a Czechoslovak sprint canoer
  • Samrith Pech, a Cambodian politician
  • Jose Luis Pech Pacheco, a PhD in image processing tools, expert in Industrial Machine Vision system

Usage examples of "pech".

But then the emotional wave that had been his existence rose again, and a smile found his face as he recounted his time beside Belwar, the most honored svirfneblin burrow-warden, and Clacker, the pech who had been polymorphed into a hook horror.

Drizzt recalled his experiences with Clacker, the unfortunate pech who had been transformed by a wizard into the form of a hook horror.

To aid him through the explanation, Drizzt recalled his experiences with Clacker, the unfortunate pech who had been transformed by a wizard into the form of a hook horror.

Sans Ourteau, je me fabriquerais de jolies robes en papier pour pecher un mari que je ne trouverais pas.

As Pech has already told us that it was also the first year of the 9th Ahau Katun, we have the date fixed in both methods of reckoning, that is, by the Kin Katun as well as the Ahau Katun, according to the calendar which his family used.

Ak Kom Pech, in baptism Martin Pech, and the grandson of Ah Tunal Pech, while the head of the house of Pech seems to have been Ah Naum Pech, baptized Don Francisco de Montejo Pech.

Dios uay ti peten uay tu lumil Sacuholpatal Sacmutix tun, Ah Mutule, Tunal Pech culhi uay ti cah lae.

When we settled here they appointed me, Nakuk Pech, by my father, Ah Kom Pech, son of Ah Tunal Pech, first descendant of Maxtunil, to govern this town.

I, who am Nakuk Pech, of the first hidalgos conquistadores here in this land in the district Maxtunil, I am placed in the first town in the district Chac Xulub Chen.

As thus it is given me to guard by my lord Ah Naum Pech, I wish to compose carefully the history and chronicle of the district of Chac Xulub Chen here, my first command, the town having two districts, Chichinica and, here, Chac Xulub Chen.

I, Nakuk Pech, was taken and given to Don Julian Doncel the Encomendero, the first lord of the town Chac Xulub Chen, the first Encomendero, and my hand was given him by the captain Don Francisco de Montejo, and I was given for a chief to Don Julian Doncel, in his hand, and I began to take tribute for the holy fathers.

Pablo Pech and of Ursula Pech, here in this town of Chac Xulub Chen, to serve God and our great ruler, the reigning king, in order that I may govern the town at this place Chac Xulub Chen.

I finished by gathering together all the town of Chac Xulub Chen, I, Don Pablo Pech, and my father, Don Martin Pech, Conquistador of Xulkum Cheel.

Christianity was established in this land of Chac Xulub Chen with our holy lord Santiago the patron who guards the town of Don Pablo Pech.

She chose Dubonnet and then, under his guidance, decided on Croquettes de Turbot Sauce Homard followed by a Souffle aux Peches.