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abbr. 1 Personal Computer 2 Police Constable 3 Politically Correct n. (abbreviation of lang=en piece)


PC or pc may refer to:

PC (footballer)

Victor Pagliari Giro (born March 10, 1994) is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Tampa Bay Rowdies in the North American Soccer League.

Usage examples of "pc".

The Deer Lake town fathers had seen a need for a pretty new building to house their jail and police department, but they were having a harder time seeing a need for up-to-date computer equipt had half a dozen PCs from ment.

The Security Working Group space had been set up as a mini command center, with secure communications, status boards, a conferencing facility, and several PCs.

Tonight, as most nights, the place is oppressively silent except for torpid electronic bloops from the PCs (most editors favor the tropical aquarium screen-saver option, while the reporters go for intergalactic warfare motifs).

And in either of its two flavors--Home Edition or Professional--it's a great match for the latest PCs with their fast processors, capacious hard drives, and speedy CD burners.

Attached to the overall system control panel which controlled Alpha, Beta, and Zulu was a third-generation Power PC, and attached to it in turn was a Bernoulli removable-disk drive.

Resolving from the client's PC, e-book reader, or PDA has the advantage of being able to respond to the user's specific condition (location, time of day, etc.

I even considered e-mailing him via wristband PC, but decided the transmission wouldn’t be listened to in time.

I ripped the cable and electric cord from the PC, took the sniffer software out of the floppy drive, and put it in my top pocket.

Consider the extent of entertainment now provided through PCs and video game consoles, or the relatively new class of PDA+cell phone, or the pocket MP3 player, or the in-car DVD, .

Similarly, you'll need Professional if you have a multiprocessor PC, if you want Windows to encrypt the files on your hard disk, or if you want to use the OS's new Remote Desktop feature.

He booted up his PC, and while his live-in lover prodded the lamb roast with a long steel fork, he checked his Email.

The first Macintoshes looked different from other PCs even when they were turned off: they consisted of one box containing both CPU (the part of the computer that does arithmetic on bits) and monitor screen.

While PCs remain free to pursue their own goals, opposing the policy of a strong great druid means a character has little chance of receiving support from superior druids.

There are also many free readers available for PDB text files from the Palm Reader that works for both the Palm OS and Pocket PC, as well as others such as SmartDoc, AportisDoc, etc.

I've worked up all the figures on it and I know what they have to come up with to make it bankable, and I worked up all the expenses they'll run into including the rezoning, and I had Jeanie run off a pie chart on the PC.