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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Painim \Pai"nim\, n. [OE. painime pagans, paganism, fr. OF. paienisme paganism, LL. paganismus. See Paganism, Pagan.] A pagan; an infidel; -- used also adjectively. [Written also panim and paynim.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., "heathen lands," from Old French paienime, paienisme "heathen, pagan; Saracen lands or culture or faith," from Late Latin paganismus "heathendom" (Augustine), from paganus "heathen" (see pagan); mistaken meaning "a heathen person" (late 14c., also in Old French) is via phrases such as paynim lands.


n. (context archaic English) A pagan or heathen, especially a Muslim or Jew.


n. a heathen; a person who is not a Christian (especially a Muslim)

Usage examples of "paynim".

Oh, that Godwin and Wulf were here, and we would still teach these Paynim dogs a lesson!

But to Saladin say also that whatever his bigot faith may teach, for Christian and for Paynim there is a meeting-place beyond the grave.

You who for Paynim gold have murdered my father, not daring to show your face before his sword, but hanging like a thief upon the coast, ready to receive what braver men had stolen.

Returned in triumph, bowed with paynim spoils, Beneath the victor cross, to part no more!

The red-cross knights and yeomen Throughout the holy town, In faith and might, on left and right, Shall tread the paynim down.

Thy silver passages of sacred lands, With news of Sepulchre and Dolorous Hill, Canst thou be he that, yester-sunset warm, Purple with Paynim rage and wrack desire, Dashed ravening out of a dusty lair of Storm, Harried the west, and set the world on fire?

Such forces met not, nor so wide a camp, When Agrican, with all his northern powers, Besieged Albracea, as romances tell, The city of Gallaphrone, from thence to win 340 The fairest of her sex, Angelica, His daughter, sought by many prowest knights, Both Paynim and the peers of Charlemane.

At last we had made our way to more quiet streets, and were hoping that our adventures were at an end, when of a sudden there came a rush of half-drunken cavaliers from a side street, who set upon the passers-by with their swords, as though we had fallen into an ambuscade of savages in some Paynim country.

They passed, like shadows, into the outer apartment, without disturbing the paynim Emir, who lay still buried in repose.

Spain was free and upon it only twelve knights and their families held out to contest the paynim hordes.

Manzikert, and the paynim Turks won the day over the armies of Byzantium.

His dark eyes and swarthy skin and Paynim features suited the costume exactly: he looked the very model of an Eastern emir, an agent or a victim of the bowstring.

Christian Indians of this Florida village long to put to sea, and cross the great ocean, and wield their bows and spears valiantly amidst the paynim enemy in the defense of the True Faith.

Ocean Sea, and go to the rescue of the Holy Land, and free it from the paynim hordes.

If by chance you go to that place, seek out the Indians of the village nearby, and tell them that old Francisco de Ortega remembers them, and cherishes the memory, and more than once has said a Mass in their praise despite all the troubles they have caused his countrymen, for he knows that they are the last defenders of the Holy Land against the paynim infidels.