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Pawsey (crater)

Pawsey is a worn impact crater that lies next to the northern outer ramparts of the crater Wiener, on the far side of the Moon. To the east-northeast of Pawsey is the large crater Campbell, and farther to the west is Bridgman.

This crater is partly overlain by the ejecta from the younger Wiener impact, leaving an uneven formation with edges that have been blanketed by material. There is a small crater along the western rim, and another small, cup-shaped crater along the northeastern edge. Within the interior is a small, cup-shaped craterlet along the base of western inner wall.


Pawsey may refer to:

  • Charles Pawsey (1894–1972), colonial administrator
  • Charles Pawsey (rugby league) (born 1923), rugby player
  • Jim Pawsey (born 1933), politician
  • Joseph Lade Pawsey (1908–1962), engineer
  • Mark Pawsey (born 1957), politician
  • Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. Perth, Western Australia

Usage examples of "pawsey".

The dog belonged to Win Pawsey, the shoe merchant, and stood on the sidewalk wagging its tail.