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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pawl \Pawl\, n. [W. pawl a pole, a stake. Cf. Pole a stake.] (Mach.) A pivoted tongue, or sliding bolt, on one part of a machine, adapted to fall into notches, or interdental spaces, on another part, as a ratchet wheel, in such a manner as to permit motion in one direction and prevent it in the reverse, as in a windlass; a catch, click, or detent. See Illust. of Ratchet Wheel. [Written also paul, or pall.]

Pawl bitt (Naut.), a heavy timber, set abaft the windlass, to receive the strain of the pawls.

Pawl rim or Pawl ring (Naut.), a stationary metallic ring surrounding the base of a capstan, having notches for the pawls to catch in.


Pawl \Pawl\, v. t. To stop with a pawl; to drop the pawls off.

To pawl the capstan. See under Capstan.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"bar preventing a capstan from recoiling" (nautical) 1620s, of unknown origin; perhaps from French pal "stake" [OED] or épaule "shoulder" [Klein].


n. A pivoted catch designed to fall into a notch on a ratchet wheel so as to allow movement in only one direction (e.g. on a windlass or in a clock mechanism), or alternatively to move the wheel in one direction. vb. (context transitive English) To stop with a pawl.


n. a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward [syn: detent, click, dog]


Pawl may refer to:

  • A mechanical component in a ratchet
  • A part of the adjustable height locking mechanism of an extension ladder
  • Pawl (constructor), a former racing car constructor
  • A part of a table saw splitter, a safety mechanism designed to prevent kickback
  • Pawl (musician), a Swedish artist, producer and DJ
Pawl (constructor)

Pawl was a racing car constructor, who competed in three rounds of the FIA World Championship - the , and Indy 500.

Pawl (musician)

Paul Najjar, (born 16 May 1995) known as Pawl, is a Swedish DJ, artist, producer and songwriter. He released his debut single "Set My Heart On Fire" on 27 May 2015; it hit number 11 on the Swedish dance chart list and was put into rotation on Swedish national radio station P3. His second single, "White Lie", was released seven months later on 1 December 2015 and was also put into rotation on Swedish radio station P3. His third single,"Lost" was release 6 May 2016.

Usage examples of "pawl".

When they had drained the last of the wine from the silver ewer, they began a hot argument over to whom it now belonged, but Pawl ended it.

Hahrteeos had been lashed, hand and foot, to the sturdy uprights of the ladder, and Pawl led the armored boy over to the blubbering captive.

Spiros and Pawl Raikuh, regaling them with gory anecdotes of the trek from the high plains.

Before she could get another shaft out, however, Pawl and Deeuee were upon her.

Milo and the chiefs reined up around Mole-Fur who sat beside the still unconscious Beti and snarled at the whimpering Pawl, straining to pull his leg from under his feebly twitching, almost-dead horse.

Raising her head, she bared her teeth and rippled a low snarl at Pawl, who shuddered and moaned.

Chief Hwahltuh Sanderz, who rode at his right, could mindspeak, Captain Pawl Raikuh, on his left, could not.

I, Pawl Raikuh, will be both pleased and honored to be able to number a fine, gutsy man such as you amongst my officers, Geros.

Only when the last of them was resting far down the hillock would he allow himself to be lowered from his place, leaving Pawl Raikuh to see to the dead Freefighters and bundles of loot.

With them had come two Ahrmehnee women, to whom Captain Pawl Raikuh owed his life.

Last night, Sir Geros Lahvoheetos and Pawl Raikuh rode southwest, along with fourscore Freefighters of the old Morguhn Troop, twice that number of warriors of the Soormehlyuhn Tribe and thirty-four of the Moon Maidens who rode north with me.

The pike regiment and the heavy lancers still were there, but most of the original contingent of Horse-clansmen had followed Chief Pawl Vawn of Vawn, their leader, back to Kehnooryos Ehlahs, feeling like him that five and more years separated from wives and families was enough and more than enough.

Therefore, for all that their people were no longer free-roaming nomad-herders and had not been for almost three full generations, still were all in this force proven, blooded warriors, just as had been the force led by Chief Pawl Vawn of Vawn.

This had left Captain Chief Pawl of Vawn as senior officer of the expeditionary force.

Captain Chief Pawl Vawn of Vawn had succeeded in his aims, returned from his mountain mission with presents and a dozen warrior-guides out of the Maginiz Tribe.