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Paus (disambiguation)

Paus may refer to

  • Paus family, a Norwegian family
  • Paus (band), a Swedish band
  • The Dutch word for pope
Paus (band)

Paus was a Swedish band consisting of Joakim Berg of Kent and Peter Svensson of The Cardigans.

They released their first and only album, entitled Paus, in 1998. Two singles, Leia and Chock, were released during 1998. Peter Svensson sang all of the band's songs, except for their cover of Eldkvarn'sKärlekens tunga, for which Joakim Berg provided vocals. The song featured on the tribute album Plura 50, en hyllningsplatta, released in 2001.

Svensson wrote most of the band's music, while Berg contributed with lyrics.

Paus (album)

Paus is the first and only album by the Swedish band Paus. The album was released in 1998, and spawned the two singles Leia and Chock during the same year.