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n. A thin slice of meat or fish wrapped around a stuffing then fried, baked or braised


A paupiette is a piece of meat, beaten thin, and rolled with a stuffing of vegetables, fruits or sweetmeats. It is often featured in recipes from Normandy.

It is often fried or braised, or baked in wine or stock. They are very popular in France, being sold ready-prepared in supermarkets and butchers.

Paupiettes can be made with various items such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish, veal, cabbage, turkey escalopes or slices of calves' sweetbreads.

A paupiette is a type of roulade and sometimes called a braciole. Paupiette may also refer to a classic French fish dish whereby a thin slice of fish ( tuna, sole, whiting or even anchovy) is stuffed, rolled and secured with string before cooking in a stock.

A synonym of paupiette is, in Belgium, oiseau sans tête.

Usage examples of "paupiette".

She glanced over the list of main courses and was horrified to see that the cheapest, the paupiette of black sea bass, was thirty-nine dollars.