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The Collaborative International Dictionary

lavalava \la`va*la"va\ (l[aum]`v[.a]*l[aum]"v[.a]), n. A printed cloth garment resembling a skirt or kilt, worn as the principle garment by both men and women in Polynesia, especialy in Samoa; called also pareu.

Usage examples of "pareu".

Following them, her gaze was intercepted by the sight of Sam standing alone up in the enclosed bridge, his huge shoulders blocking out any view of the overhead instruments, pareu rippling in the slight breeze, eyes straight ahead.

She wore a white cotton pareu with a scarlet motif, knotted under the left arm.

When Jeff arrived, she was dressed in a colorful silk pareu slit all the way up to the thigh.

When they were ready to dress, the skirt, or pareu, which reached from waist to the knees and was of snow-white bark cloth, was adjusted so that each fold hung in a certain fashion.