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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ children of French-Canadian parentage
▪ Mary was a one-book wonder who failed to live up to her stellar parentage and early promise.
▪ One clue to the possible identity of the Magdalen in Gnostic eyes is to be found in her parentage.
▪ Perhaps it is their parentage at the bench.
▪ The parentage of two kings was called into question.
▪ There is no record of Osbald's parentage but a Bernician extraction seems highly probable.
▪ This parentage would make her akin to Persephone, the dangerous Virgin goddess of the underworld.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Parentage \Par"ent*age\ (p[^a]r"ent*[asl]j; 277), n. [Cf. F. parentage relationship.] Descent from parents or ancestors; parents or ancestors considered with respect to their rank or character; extraction; birth; as, a man of noble parentage. ``Wilt thou deny thy parentage?''

Though men esteem thee low of parentage.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., "parental conduct," from Middle French parentage (12c.), from parent (see parent). Meaning "lineage" is from 1560s; figurative use from 1580s.


n. 1 Of or pertaining to one's parents, and in particular, the legitimacy of one's birth. 2 The social quality of your class in society. 3 origin; derivation

  1. n. the state of being a parent; "to everyone's surprise, parenthood reformed the man" [syn: parenthood]

  2. the kinship relation of an offspring to the parents [syn: birth]

  3. the descendants of one individual; "his entire lineage has been warriors" [syn: lineage, line, line of descent, descent, bloodline, blood line, blood, pedigree, ancestry, origin, stemma, stock]

Usage examples of "parentage".

I believe that the ancient Creed, the Eternal Gospel, will stand, and conquer, and prove its might in this age, as it has in every other for eighteen hundred years, by claiming, and subduing, and organising those young anarchic forces, which now, unconscious of their parentage, rebel against Him to whom they owe their being.

If, however, we choose to suppose that any of the descendants of A or of I have been so much modified as to have more or less completely lost traces of their parentage, in this case, their places in a natural classification will have been more or less completely lost,--as sometimes seems to have occurred with existing organisms.

Jeanie herself was the bonniest lassie in the whole town, but light-headed, and fonder of outgait and blether in the causey than was discreet of one of her uncertain parentage.

So I resolved to say nothing of my parentage, preferring instead to focus on the matter at hand, the slaying of a freewoman of Isteria by one of the minions of the mad king, Meander.

This, then, is a union of Reason with something that is not Reason but a mere indeterminate striving in a being not yet illuminated: the offspring Love, therefore, is not perfect, not self-sufficient, but unfinished, bearing the signs of its parentage, the undirected striving and the self-sufficient Reason.

Reason with something that is not Reason but a mere indeterminate striving in a being not yet illuminated: the offspring Love, therefore, is not perfect, not self-sufficient, but unfinished, bearing the signs of its parentage, the undirected striving and the self-sufficient Reason.

Burrich would vouch that I was a foundling, with no parentage for the Witnesser to memorize.

When they did intermarry, the off-spring, like Deadeye himself, preferred to keep their parentage quiet.

Warner speaks of Sophie Gantz, of Jewish parentage, born in Cincinnati, July 27, 1865, whose menses began at the twenty-third month and had continued regularly up to the time of reporting.

We are not, therefore, in Wales void of families of doubtful parentage or origin.

There was a young Gentleman dwelling in the next City, borne of good parentage, valiant in prowesse, and riche in substance, but very much given and adicted to whorehunting, and continuall revelling.

Howbeit the wickednesse of these cursed women was nothing suppressed by the sweet noyse of these instruments, but they settled themselves to work their treasons against Psyches, demanding who was her husband, and of what Parentage.

If you prevent people making profit out of their children—and every civilised State—even that compendium of old-fashioned Individualism, the United States of America—is now disposed to admit the necessity of that prohibition—and if you provide for the aged instead of leaving them to their children's sense of duty, the practical inducements to parentage, except among very wealthy people, are greatly reduced.

She was a Ladie of great dignitie,And lifted vp to honorable place,Famous through all the land of Faerie,Though of meane parentage and kindred base,Yet deckt with wondrous giftes of natures grace,That all men did her person much admire,And praise the feature of her goodly face,The beames whereof did kindle louely fireIn th'harts of many a knight, and many a gentle squire.

Liet Kynes saw little of his father during his earliest childhood Many of the duties that would ordinarily have been filled by his father had been taken over by Stilgar a Fremen fifteen years Liet Kynes senior whom Pardot Kynes had seen joined to his son in blood brotherhood in 101 j8 Raised with the rest of the sietch children he was taught the ways of bled and sietch, palmary and desert He learned Fremen history as related by the Sayyadina water discipline and customs, and the fanatic hatred the Fremen had possessed for all those of House Harkonnen since the day Beast Rabban had been gi\en jurisdiction over Arrakis in 10162 To anyone not knowing his parentage, the boy would have seemed like any other Fremen youngster, the product of generations of life on the desert planet .