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n. (plural of pard English)

Usage examples of "pards".

Come, pards, let's clip his spurs," shouted the bully and he moved toward the major.

An' his pards have been particular friends with me, too, more an' more as I loosened up.

He an' Al was pards once, an' now Beasley has most folks here believin' he got the short end of thet deal.

Him an' me kept edgin' off, an' his pards kept edgin' after us, till we got over in a corner of the saloon.

I don't want war between our pards, and I have learned that you are interviewing alphas to take your place with your leopards.

Merle and Caleb were listening, and if we were really going to combine our pards, being feared was not a bad way for me to start.

pards no larger than the hand of the mage who was now waving furiously, pards raised to battle fury, able to spring above their own height into the air.

There's only four men in this camp who would shoot me–Bland, an' his right-hand pards, an' thet rabbit-faced Benson.

If thet doesn't make us pards, good turns an' money ain't no use in this country.