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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pard \Pard\ (p[aum]rd), n. [L. pardus, Gr. pa`rdos; cf. Skr. p[.r]d[=a]ku tiger, panther.] (Zo["o]l.) A leopard; a panther.

And more pinch-spotted make them Than pard or cat o'mountain.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

archaic form of leopard, c.1300, from Latin pardus "a male panther," from Greek pardos "male panther," from the same source (probably Iranian) as Sanskrit prdaku-s "leopard, tiger, snake," and Persian palang "panther."


1850, dialectal shortening of pardener (1795), representing a common pronunciation of partner (n.).


Etymology 1 n. A leopard; a panther. Etymology 2

n. (context colloquial English) chap; fellow; (non-gloss definition: Used as a friendly appellation)

Pard (legendary creature)

A pard is an imaginary animal that is listed in Medieval bestiaries. They were felines with spotted coats and were extremely fast (reminiscent of a cheetah). They were believed to mate with lions to produce leopards.


Pard may refer to:

  • Pard (legendary creature), an animal from Medieval bestiaries
  • An archaic name for the leopard

Usage examples of "pard".

However, with snowcat and pard sharing her family, she certainly was aware of the proper mind-levels for communication at least within their species.

Malcolm, son of heroes, traw ta claymore of ta pard, and fall upon ta traitors.

Because, Curly, old pard, our backwoods cowboy is turrible in love with Gloriana May.

The two sages had dropped their ropes and were running, one with a pard form clinging to his thigh.

The one is a higher, longer animal, with smooth shiny hair of a light golden fulvous, the spots being clear and well defined, but, as is remarked by Sir Walter Elliot, the strongest difference of character is in the skulls, those of the larger pard being longer and more pointed, with a ridge running along the occiput, much developed for the attachment of the muscles, whereas the smaller pard has not only a rougher coat, the spots being more blurred, but it is comparatively a more squat built animal, with a rounder skull without the decided occipital ridge.

Put Buck through as bully as you can, pard, for anybody that knowed him will tell you that he was one of the whitest men that was ever in the mines.

He rooted in the sand, dabbling, delving and stopped to listen to the air, scraped up the sand again with a fury of his claws, soon ceasing, a pard, a panther, got in spousebreach, vulturing the dead.

Now, because we usually had at least some of the other wereleopards bunking over due to emergency, or, often, just the need to be close to more of their group, their pard, we needed a six-seater table.

But understand this, Anita, your leopards are no match for us, not even with Micah and his pard.

The fact that I'm supporting Anita and her pard will mean something to the wolves.

Pard memory tightened my own muscles as the black tip of the silver-white tail quivered.

He was bearded like a Dammar pine, of the fashion of prophets and pards, one hair sitting here, another there.

Wal, pard Anson, if this heah gurl ain't handsome my eyes have gone pore," drawled Wilson.

The truck jocks and their riding pards swung down onto the tarmac like conquering heroes.

Come, pards, let's clip his spurs," shouted the bully and he moved toward the major.