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Pao or PAO may refer to:

Pao (unit)

The pao is an obsolete unit of dry measure (mass) which was used in South Asia. The name may come from the Punjabi ਪਾਓ páo, which was a traditional charge of one quarter of a seer per every maund of grain that was weighed, converted into a tax by Sawan Mal. Turner also cites a Sindhi word pāu meaning a quarter of a seer.

The pao was recorded in the Bengal Presidency in 1850, but was not considered to be an integral part of the local system of weights. It was equal to four chitaks, and hence a quarter of a seer: the equivalent Imperial weight at the time was given as 7  oz. 10  dwt. Troy (233.3  grams). The use of a quarter-seer weight in Ahmedabad had also been noted in a British East India Company survey of South Asian metrology carried out in 1821: the name of the unit was not recorded, but it would have been equivalent to 4  oz. 3  dr. 17  gr. avoirdupois (119.8 grams) based on the measurement of the Ahmedabad seer.

In Nepal, the pao was of a dharni, and equivalent to about 194.4 grams in 1966. Convenient "pau" units of both 200 grams and 250 grams are in current use in retail sales in different parts of the country.

In Pakistan, the pao was slightly heavier, at 233.3 grams.

As to Afghanistan, it was reported in 1950 that 1 pao ≈ 1  lb (450 grams) in Kabul, with four paos to one charak and sixteen paos to a seer.

Pao (fish)

Pao (synonym Monotrete) is a genus of mostly freshwater pufferfish with one species (M. leiurus) also occurring in brackish water. They are found in Southeast Asia.

Usage examples of "pao".

Little Prince Pao comes trotting from the observatory, and Hiner comes along the arcade.

Kip peers and sees little Prince Pao solicitously attempting to assist the larger and athletic Stareem up a gulch.

Kip starts lifting servers off the heat-shelf, everyone is again startled by little Prince Pao, who comes rocketing down into the lounge astride the helical stair rail.

Prince Pao, clapping his hands and looking around so peremptorily that Cory and others find themselves clapping, too.

The Dameii hurriedly pass the gear to Pao, who runs back to the overhang.

Kip carefully carries the Royal Eglantine back to where Pao is lining up the tiny glasses, with his own placed apart.

As Stareem closes the infirmary door behind them, Prince Pao, grinning, takes up an extravagantly bellicose sentinel station before the line of little ruby lights.

Little Prince Pao makes one leap toward Vovoka, then checks and, frowning thoughtfully, returns to stand by Baram.

Zannez yelling from the lounge and Pao is silently opening the door between infirmary and bar.

Baram and Pao can see Nathaniel Hiner at bay above his victims, bare to the waist, his great red membranous gills standing out in desperate rage, from ears to chest in a blood-gorged ruff, while beyond him and taking all his attention, there sallies and gyrates and howls a demon of vengeance and terror.

But Pao looks in all respects like a normal, healthy lad of ten or twelve, who will be shooting up taller soon.

He nods at Dayan, then nods again because what Pao said is so true: he recalls that Gridworld night, and the thing on a rope.

Liu and my personal name is Pao and I am honored to greet the renowned Master Li!

The monastery bells began to sound the alarm, and in an instant I was on my feet and running down the path with Master Li on my back while Prince Liu Pao panted along behind us.

Prince Liu Pao stood looking down at the remains of his ancestor, and Master Li beckoned for me to open the other sarcophagus.