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Panzi (b. Thom Hansen in 1953) is an American gay activist.

Hansen was educated at Pace University, where he studied business and accounting; thereafter he began working as a financial analyst, a business manager in the textile industry and an actor. He went on to establish his own real estate management firm which he ran for 10 years and is currently a Vice President in the International Division of a major direct marketing firm. Hansen is openly gay and has been involved in the LGBT community since the early 1970s.

Panzi (disambiguation)

Panzi may refer to:

  • " Panzi", born Thom Hansen, (born 1953) American homosexual activist (where "Panzi" is a homonym alluding to the Pansy Craze)
  • Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, specializing in treating survivors of violence, the large majority of whom have been sexually abused
  • Giuseppe Panzi (1734-before 1812) was a Jesuit painter in the service of the Chinese emperor