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Isaac Saviñón, known as Panky, is a radio host, actor, announcer, and singer from the Dominican Republic.

Panky is the lead singer of the Dominican rock band Metropolitan.

In 2010 he was elected by Luz García’s Noche de Luz programme as a "Summer’s Hot Body".

Usage examples of "panky".

She never threw stones at Tranquilino Jeantete or at Amarante Cordova or at Onofre Martinez or at Panky Mondragon or at Seferino Pacheco.

Once he had opened the door, Panky stood there, gazing fondly at the simple church.

Thus, at any given tune he might have two cows on a permit up in the forest, one cow in Panky Mondragon's quarter-acre backyard, the other cow in with Bernabe' Montoya's cows up on Bernabe''s canyon land, one horse eating hay at home and another horse in a half-acre pasture belonging to Nick Rael, the third horse on a tether beside the highway eating the Right of Way grass for nothing, and his ten sheep spread into groups of three, three, and four each, grazing in overgrazed pastures belonging to Pete Apo-daca, Ray Gusdorf, and Seferino Pacheco, respectively.