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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
continuity announcer
▪ Bernstein as its new basketball play-by-play radio announcer Tuesday.
▪ It now is remembered only by fervent patriots and radio announcers.
▪ Scully was the radio announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers' games before moving to network television.
▪ The announcer said that the contestants had been chosen at random.
▪ Even the Granada announcer got in on the act.
▪ I held my breath as the announcer introduced the players for the first match.
▪ In other words, the announcer would kill time until the telegraph details started flowing again.
▪ The announcer periodically notified everyone how much time remained.
▪ The announcer warns people not to swim because of a dangerous fish.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Announcer \An*noun"cer\, n. One who announces.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1610s, agent noun from announce. Radio sense is recorded from 1922.


n. One who makes announcements.

  1. n. someone who proclaims a message publicly

  2. reads news, commercials on radio or television


An announcer is a presenter who makes "announcements" in an audio medium or a physical location.

Usage examples of "announcer".

The announcer with his anonymous, platonic voice read the catalogue of disaster.

An announcer, his voice as stiff as his undoubted shirt, broke into the playing and announced a special news bulletin.

According to the Japanese announcer, nine of the attacking planes were shot down and the rest repulsed by heavy antiaircraft fire.

Florence Green is eighty-one with blue legs and has 300 million dollars and in 1932 was in love, airily, with a radio announcer named Norman Brokenshire, with his voice.

Radio announcers immediately summarized the rescript and its import in everyday language.

The campaign that began so placidly with six appealing serious candidates will likely degenerate into a snarling sea of invective featuring offscreen announcers with ominous voices, grainy photographs and blown-up, red-circled, out-of-context newspaper clips.

But as you can tell by how sneaky he looks in this photograph, and by the skepticism in my professional announcer voice, Bob Humpty is not telling the truth.

They comprise so many stereo simulcasts that, even from all these stories up, Kraft hears the disembodied messages take to the air and aggregate into a leviathan Announcer.

Maritime or Albertan or Upper Canada College: but they sound like people, instead of announcers or experts or entertainers, or other kinds of media-machines.

Finally, the announcer said that the station would stop broadcasting for three minutes as a memorial to Colonel Baraka and to give people time to take their prayer rugs and pray toward Mecca.

Ulan Bator was the origin of the name Ulanor, even though the city the announcer was talking about was now -- now?

It was like one of those questions the soap opera announcers used to pose in their richest, fruitiest voices.

As the crowd, encouraged by the Gatorland announcer, cheers wildly, the alligators lunge out of the water and rip the chicken carcasses down with their jaws.

Internet tended to capture the imaginations of FM disc jockeys, sports announcers, and late-night comedians.

Buck Showalter, who had run the Diamondbacks and was now a TV announcer.