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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a pang of nostalgia (=a short feeling of nostalgia)
▪ She felt a pang of nostalgia for the time when they were all children.
a pang/stab/twinge of jealousy (=a sudden feeling of jealousy)
▪ Polly felt a sharp pang of jealousy when she saw Paul with Suzanne.
a pang/twinge/stab of guilt
▪ Richard felt a pang of guilt, knowing that he had forgotten her birthday.
a pang/twinge/stab of regretliterary (= a sudden short feeling of regret)
▪ Kate watched her go with a pang of regret.
hunger pangs (=sudden feelings of being hungry)
twinge/pang of envy
▪ I felt a twinge of envy when I saw them together.
▪ Lindsey experienced a sharp pang of guilt.
▪ After so long eating recycled meals on Belial, her salivary glands sprang into life with sharp little pangs of anticipation.
▪ This tears her and causes her a sharp pang of pain, making her cry out.
▪ She turned on him a glance of tearful gratitude that caused Karelius an unexpectedly sharp pang of jealousy.
▪ She felt a sudden terrible pang.
▪ He experienced a sudden pang of regret he'd rejected her offer.
▪ But then he wasn't likely to believe anything good about her, she realised with a sudden profound pang of sorrow.
▪ She was cold and unwashed and hunger pangs were beginning to gnaw again.
▪ All those cups of tea do add up and the fridge is always there ready to beckon when a hunger pang lingers.
▪ The Harpy is magically kept alive, but suffers agonizing hunger pangs and is in constant pain.
▪ Ironically she felt a tiny pang of regret for the long Viking locks, though she couldn't have said why.
▪ She blew him little kisses, and he felt love and pangs of something that frightened him.
▪ Melissa felt a pang of remorse.
▪ He sounded as if he was thoroughly disgusted by the whole business and she felt a pang of dismay.
▪ I felt a pang of hunger and the mood of evening.
▪ It was his first sight of his grandson and he felt a pang of anxiety as he looked down at him.
▪ Sometimes I felt little pangs of guilt, but my manager quickly talked me out of that.
▪ Men too suffer the pangs of guilt - although they have not yet become as expert as women.
▪ When they grew up and went off into the wild I suffered dreadful pangs.
▪ The Harpy is magically kept alive, but suffers agonizing hunger pangs and is in constant pain.
▪ During her two-year absence Eliza suffered great pangs of homesickness and longing for her children.
▪ hunger pangs
▪ All those cups of tea do add up and the fridge is always there ready to beckon when a hunger pang lingers.
▪ But I grabbed something to stay the pangs of hunger on the way down.
▪ Melissa felt a pang of remorse.
▪ Ordinarily we could marvel and celebrate without any deeper pang of fear.
▪ She felt a sudden terrible pang.
▪ The first showed the pangs of passion replaced by musical harmony.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

pang \pang\ (p[a^]ng), n. [Prob. for older prange. Cf. Prong.] A paroxysm of extreme pain or anguish; a sudden and transitory agony; a throe; as, the pangs of death.

Syn: Agony; anguish; distress. See Agony.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1520s, "sudden physical pain," of unknown origin, perhaps related to prong (prongys of deth is recorded from mid-15c.). Reference to mental or emotional pain is from 1560s. Related: Pangs.


n. 1 (context often pluralized English) paroxysm of extreme physical pain or anguish; sudden and transitory agony; throe 2 (context often pluralized English) A sharp, sudden feeling of a mental or emotional nature, as of joy or sorrow vb. (context transitive English) to torment; to torture; to cause to have great pain or suffering

  1. n. a sudden sharp feeling; "pangs of regret"; "she felt a stab of excitement"; "twinges of conscience" [syn: stab, twinge]

  2. a mental pain or distress; "a pang of conscience" [syn: sting]

  3. a sharp spasm of pain


Pang may refer to:

Pang (surname)

Pang is a Chinese surname. Alternative forms of romanization include Peng .

Pang (video game)

, also known as , is a cooperative two-player arcade video game released in 1989 by the Mitchell Corporation. The North American release from Capcom was entitled Buster Bros..

In the game, the Buster brothers must finish a round-the-world quest to destroy bouncing balloons that are terrorizing several of Earth's landmarks and cities. The fight to save the Earth begins on Mt. Fuji, Japan, where the brothers must pass all three stages before moving on to the next location. The basic gameplay is identical to a much earlier 1983 Japanese computer game called Cannon Ball (also released in 1983 on the ZX Spectrum as Bubble Buster). Cannon Ball was made by Japanese publishers Hudson Soft, and possibly inspired Mitchell Corp. to make Buster Bros. six years later.

Conversions for home systems were produced by Ocean Software in 1990 for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Commodore Amiga, MS-DOS and Atari ST.

Usage examples of "pang".

Hast thou plunged thy house in calamity, and will no worthier wish occur to thee, than to leave it to its sorrows and distress, with the aggravating pangs of causing thy afflicting, however blamable self-desertion?

On the other hand, if the animal is sensible to pain, the stimulation of sensory nerves, or any sharp or sudden pang, TEND TO CAUSE A RISE IN THE PRESSURE OF THE BLOOD, unless the creature has become exhausted by the experimentation to which it has been subjected.

I have confided in her, and she promised me that when I felt the pangs coming on she would give that malicious woman a sporific, and thus we should be freed from all fears of her.

For a moment a pang of superstitious fear shot through Masson, and then rage replaced it as he realised the significance of the sound.

She saw his hand tighten on the leather thong and she felt a quick pang offear, but she did not move.

The morning brings cares, and although with rebraced energies and renovated strength, then is the season that we are best qualified to struggle with the harassing brood, still Ferdinand Armine, the involved son of a ruined race, seldom rose from his couch, seldom recalled consciousness after repose, without a pang.

I was restrained by my niggard fortune from making a tender worthy of your acceptance, I combated with my inclinations, and bore without repining the pangs of hopeless love.

He remembered with a pang of shame the first day with his master, after they had escaped The Crossed Axes, when he had poured scom upon the unchanged refugees who camped by the widening margin of the river.

Elizabeth had already divested herself of hat, coat, and jacket, and Marina found herself eyeing the fashionable emerald trumpet skirt with its trimming of black soutache braid and the cream silk shirtwaist with its softening fall of Venice lace with a pang of envy.

Blake stifled a pang for his own nurse, who had been dearer than his mother when he was young.

I experienced a sudden pang as I realized he was expecting to see Trixy, who had always accompanied me wherever I went on the property.

Yet it caused her a pang to contemplate a day unbrightened by a glimpse of his delightfully homely face, his green eyes and dark hair.

He felt a strange pang as it disappeared, of loss unrecovered, of finality.

Seeing the familiar aircraft reminded her, with a fleeting but bitter pang, of those golden untroubled days before October 1929, before that black Friday of evil reputation.

She felt more than one pang of conscience as she agreed that Wickham was, indeed, abovestairs at that very moment, and, was moreover, slightly wounded from an accidentally self-inflicted gunshot.