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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Paunch \Paunch\, n. [OF. panch, pance, F. panse, L. pantex, panticis.]

  1. (Anat.) The belly and its contents; the abdomen; also, the first stomach, or rumen, of ruminants. See Rumen.

  2. (Naut.) A paunch mat; -- called also panch.

  3. The thickened rim of a bell, struck by the clapper.

    Paunch mat (Naut.), a thick mat made of strands of rope, used to prevent the yard or rigging from chafing.


n. (context nautical English) (alternative form of paunch English)

Usage examples of "panch".

And taking his present fortune in good part, with courage and glory enough did finish his life, with such a terror unto the assembly, that no person was hardy until it was day, as to touch him, though hee were starke dead : but at last there came a Butcher more valiant than the rest, who opening the panch of the beast, slit out an hardy and ventrous theefe.