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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also paleo-climatology, 1920, from paleo- + climatology. Related: Paleoclimatologist.


n. (alternative form of palaeoclimatology English)


n. the study of the climate of past ages [syn: palaeoclimatology]


Paleoclimatology (in British spelling, palaeoclimatology) is the study of changes in climate taken on the scale of the entire history of Earth. It uses a variety of proxy methods from the Earth and life sciences to obtain data previously preserved within things such as rocks, sediments, ice sheets, tree rings, corals, shells and microfossils. It then uses the records to determine the past states of the Earth's various climate regions and its atmospheric system. Studies of past changes in the environment and biodiversity often reflect on the current situation, specifically the impact of climate on mass extinctions and biotic recovery.

Usage examples of "paleoclimatology".

Martian and terrestrial paleoclimatology would appear extremely promising.

If the Martian climatic variations were the result of external causes (perhaps variations in the luminosity of the sun), then a correlation of Martian paleoclimatology and terrestrial paleoclimatology would be extremely interesting.