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n. (context anthropology English) The scientific study of ancient human remains.


n. the scientific study of human fossils [syn: palaeoanthropology, human paleontology, human palaeontology]


Paleoanthropology or paleo-anthropology (from Ancient Greek: παλαιός (palaeos) "old, ancient", ἄνθρωπος (anthrōpos) "man, human" and the suffix λογία (logia) "study of"), the combination and a sub-discipline of paleontology and physical anthropology is the study of the formation and the development of the specific characteristics of humans ( hominization) and the reconstruction of evolutionary kinship lines in the family Hominidae, by means of the study of fossils, such as petrified skeletal remains, bone fragments, footprints and associated evidence, stone tools, artifacts, and settlement localities. As technologies and methods advance, genetics plays an ever increasing role in paleoanthropology, in particular examining and comparing DNA structure as a vital tool of research of the evolutionary kinship lines of related species and genera.

Usage examples of "paleoanthropology".

In terms of our modern understanding of paleoanthropology, quite a bit is wrong.

One of the most controversial questions confronting New World paleoanthropology is determining the time at which humans entered North America.

Keep in mind that for most current students of paleoanthropology, Ribeiro and his discoveries simply do not exist.

At one point in the history of paleoanthropology, several scientists who believed in evolution actually accepted the Thenay Miocene tools, but attributed them to a precursor of the human type.

The extensive evidence for the presence of tool-making hominids in the Tertiary was in fact buried, and the stability of the entire edifice of modern paleoanthropology depends upon it remaining buried.

Her case opens a rare window into the actual social processes of data suppression in paleoanthropology, processes that involve a great deal of conflict and hurt.

But although there may be a lot of unconscious fraud in paleoanthropology, the case of Piltdown demonstrates that the field also has instances of deception of the most deliberate and calculating sort.

Black expertly related his passion for paleoanthropology to the mission of the medical school.

Leakey became the first superstar that paleoanthropology had seen in a while.

The voices of authority in paleoanthropology and the scientific community in general have managed to keep the humanlike view of Australopithecus intact.

Washington, to present my Neanderthal-DNA studies at the Paleoanthropology Society meeting.

The Paleoanthropology Society met each year, alternately in conjunction with the Association of American Archeology and the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

The extensive evidence for the presence of toolmaking hominids in the Tertiary was in fact buried, and the stability of the entire edifice of modern paleoanthropology depends upon it remaining buried.