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n. East Indian tree bearing a profusion of intense vermilion velvet-textured blooms and yielding a yellow dye [syn: dhak, dak, Butea frondosa, Butea monosperma]


A palas (from the Late Latinpalatium = imperial court via the Old Frenchpales or palais) is a German term for the imposing or prestigious building of a medieval Pfalz or castle that contained the great hall. Such buildings appeared during the Romanesque period (11th to 13th century).

Thanks to 19th-century studies of castles ("castle science"), the term palas is often used as a generic term used for covered halls in castles; however, the architectural and historical use of the term is restricted by other authors to the Romanesque hall building.

Palas (disambiguation)

Palas may refer to:

  • Palas, a type of striped kilim, a flatwoven rug; also the woollen robes of dervishes
  • Palas, that part of a medieval imperial palace or castle containing the great hall and other prestigious state rooms.
  • Pala dynasty of South Asia
  • Palas, a type of glutinous rice dish.
  • Geographical places
    • Palas, Iran, a village in Iran
    • Palas, Romania, a town in Romania
    • Palas, Turkey, a town in Turkey
    • Las Palas, a town in Spain
    • Palas, Kohistan, a valley in Pakistan
  • Palas Power Station in Romania
  • Palas Iași, a lifestyle center in Romania

Usage examples of "palas".

Butler returned Cooper's salute, and walked slowly into the Pera Palas, tucking his hat under one arm, and passing through paneled hallways to the bar.

The Turkish women who came to the Para Palas or the other European buildings north of the Golden Horn often dressed as Europeans.

Commander Palas, could you head the team that will plan the capture of a Bloodhorde ship, assuming we can get one into T-4.

I coodin work out whot part ov its 2 do wif thi palas & whot part is 2 do wif thi kaotic reejins, but thers sumfin goan on, & thers a wotch bein kept 4 sumbody or sumfin unusual in thare & out here 2, + sumthin reely disgustin from thi hoomin relm has axsess 2 thi bird part ov thi kript & has sikured thi copperashin ov @ least sum ov thi birdz.