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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dak \Dak\ (d[add]k or d[aum]k), n. [Hind. [dsdot][=a]k.] Post; mail; also, the mail or postal arrangements; -- spelt also dawk, and dauk. [India]

Dak boat, a mail boat.
--Percy Smith.

Dak bungalow, a traveler's rest-house at the end of a dak stage.

To travel by dak, to travel by relays of palanquins or other carriage, as fast as the post along a road.


n. (context India English) A post system by means of transport relays of horses stationed at intervals along a route or network, carrying mail and passengers.


n. East Indian tree bearing a profusion of intense vermilion velvet-textured blooms and yielding a yellow dye [syn: dhak, palas, Butea frondosa, Butea monosperma]

DAK (disambiguation)

DAK or dak can refer to:

  • dak (Hindi: "mail"), the post service of the British Raj
  • "Dak" was slang in some countries for the C-47 Dakota military transport aircraft
  • DAK, an abbreviation for "Double above knee" in terms to describe an amputee who is legless, in contrast to DBK, quoting amputation below the knees
  • DAK Industries, a US discount electronics retailer
  • DAK Simpson, a clothing brand in the UK, which gave rise to an Australian vernacular term for trousers: "daks" (or "dacks")
  • Danish Crown AmbA (DAK), a Danish producer of meat products
  • Deutsches Afrikakorps, the German Afrika Korps of World War II
  • Dihydroxyacetone kinase, gene for a human enzyme
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom, a theme park at Walt Disney World in Florida
  • Double Action "Kellerman", a type of firearm action found on the SIG Sauer P239
  • Paper Mulberry, tree also known as Dak
  • Dak, Kerman, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Dak, Sistan and Baluchestan, a village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran
  • "Dak" is slang in some countries for Marijuana
  • Dak Prescott (born 1993), American football player
DAK (gene)

Triokinase/FMN cyclase is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the DAK gene.

Usage examples of "dak".

But the inspiration that made it practical came to me while I was walking with my friend Dak through a railroad freight yard in my hometown of Daytona.

We listened to the rain some more, and Dak tossed another rock, which made the drum ring like a gong.

I jumped down from the high tailgate, raced around the pickup, and was just in time to see Dak and Alicia straightening and pulling up their pants.

I gave Dak a shove and he was laughing so hard he simply fell over onto the sand.

Alicia had more of what I would call a belly laugh, and she was not in much better shape than Dak, leaning against the truck, holding her pants up with one hand.

I showed her the flatscreen, thumbed the backup button until I had the image Dak had pirated into the NASA data stream.

Cuban gangbangers in immaculate low-riders, not an easy group to impress, had been known to drive into ditches in amazement when Dak rocketed past.

You could cook and eat your dinner right off the engine block, assuming Dak would ever let you do such a messy thing to his baby.

Then Alicia played keep-away with her flashlight for a moment until Dak and I overpowered her.

There are several things about the Autopike that just rub Dak the wrong way.

We could barely afford the thirty-year-old Mercury that Dak and I were always rescuing from a one-way trip to the junkyard.

The computer eased us to the required dead stop at the booths, and Dak engaged the manual controls.

WAS OUR interest in going into space that had brought me and Dak together.

After twelve years of that kind of schooling, both Dak and I thought we knew how to study.

AFTER WE DELIVERED Travis Broussard to his odd little friend, Dak dropped me off, alone, a little after midnight in the quiet Blast-Off parking lot.