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n. (plural of pak English)


Paks is a town in Tolna county, central Hungary, on the banks of the Danube River. Paks is the home of the only Hungarian nuclear power plant, which provides about 40% the country's electricity.

In the last century several mansions were built in the centre of the old town, such as those in Szent István tér, the main square of the town. The Roman Catholic three-isled, basilica style Heart of Jesus church was consecrated in 1901. There is a tablet in the wall of the baroque Szeniczey mansion to commemorate Ferenc Deák, 'the Sage of the Country'. The Town Museum is housed in the former Cseh-Vigyázó mansion. The Calvinist and the Lutheran churches were built in 1775 and 1884 respectively.

The Catholic Holy Spirit church, built according to the design of Imre Makovecz, is an outstanding work of 20th-century architecture. There is a hundred-year-old chestnut alley lining the walkway on the Danube River bank. The town hosts the Spring Festival at Whitsuntide and the International Festival of Blues, Jazz, Rock and Gastronomy.

Paksi FC is a Hungarian football club based in Paks.

Atomerőmű SE is a Hungarian basketball club based in Paks.

Usage examples of "paks".

For Paks, this was the meat of it: whose side had Alured been on from the beginning?

This meant nothing to Paks or the younger soldiers, but Stammel knew that the title had been extinct since the fall of the old kingdom of Aare across the sea.

The crowded, dirty streets stank of things Paks had never smelled before.

He finished with a question: Paks recognized the tone of voice, the outflung arm, the pause, waiting for an answer.

But more and more Paks felt that she could not live with what was troubling her.

Arcolin himself looked at Paks steadily, but without anger or disappointment.

His gaze sharpened when he saw Paks behind Arcolin, but he waved them into his tent.

Arcolin explained what Paks wanted, and the Duke gave her a long look.

The Duke had more advice, but none of the condemnation Paks had feared.

Jori, some years older than Paks, had been one of the most insistent that she find a companion.

Nothing threatened them that Paks could see or hear, but twice the hair on her arms and neck stood straight, and fear caught the breath in her throat.

They camped at the upper end of that wood, looking out over its dark patchwork to the east, where even Paks could see the land fall steeply into the eastern ocean.

Windfoot whuffled, watching Star, and Paks dug out another apple for the horse.

But to Paks, the intricate folds of the mountains and the flat map had little to do with each other.

He had pointed out an occasional red deer in the trees, but Paks lacked the experience to spot them.