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n. (context marketing English) (deliberate misspelling of pack English)

PAK (file format)

The .PAK extension is frequently used as an abbreviation of "package". These are a form of resource bundles. There is no standard for this extension, although several mutually incompatible formats exist. They are frequently implemented as merely a renamed ZIP file.

Applications using .PAK files are typically, but not exclusively, video games.

PAK (band)

PAK is a New York City based band. They are signed to John Zorn's Tzadik label.

PAK was originally formed by Ron Anderson in 2000, after he spent some time with The Molecules. The original line-up consisted of Anderson, Jesse Krakow, Will Redmond, and Race Age. This line-up released the album 100% Human Hair. In 2003, Race Age was replaced by Keith Abrams, Redmond left the group, and that version released Motel, which was well received. This version of the group also performed at the Bowery Poetry Club with Jac Berrocal.

In 2007, Anderson reconfigured the group, switching from guitar to bass, and recruiting Tim Byrnes on various instruments. This version of the group toured Europe (as a duo, with Abrams and Anderson along with occasional guest musicians), and is currently working on their next release. The band played shows in 2012 with Nonoko Yoshida.

Usage examples of "pak".

For Paks, this was the meat of it: whose side had Alured been on from the beginning?

Paks was pleased to see that Jenits no longer looked sulky, just thoughtful.

Paks got a new shield, as did Keri, and Volya had snapped a sword tip against a wall.

Paks could see behind them the great tumbled rug of forest and field that sloped from the mountains to the Honnorgat.

Paks flexed her fingers, wincing at the pain, but was able to take a bit of waybread from Tamar and get it into her own mouth.

It was a record of a laser message that had come plowing through the Pak system, torn and attenuated and garbled by dust clouds and distance, in a language no longer spoken.

Paks let her concentration waver, and at once the snowcat moved, shifting in a kind of constricted hop, as she caught her control back.

It was Stammel: but a Stammel so forbidding that Paks dared not say a word, but stared at him in silence.

Paks noticed as she came closer, were, if not new, at least unpatched and whole.

Paks looked at the axe, down at her leg, and then unwrapped her hands from the axe handle.

The six of us who went were me and Venie and Jimmy, Helen Pak, Riggy Allen and Attilla Szabody.

Heinrich Frank Adler walked out of the maintenance shack door, glancing back and forth as if to verify that Pak was alone.

Pak knew from intelligence sources in Pyongyang that Adler had never actually been more than an unterfeldwebel, a sergeant.

Paks, would carry their fallen comrades to the endless fields of the afterworld, where horses never tire, nor riders fall.

For Paks, this was the meat of it: whose side had Alured been on from the beginning?