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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pains \Pains\ (p[=a]nz), n. Labor; toilsome effort; care or trouble taken; -- plural in form, but used with a singular or plural verb, commonly the former.

And all my pains is sorted to no proof.

The pains they had taken was very great.

The labored earth your pains have sowed and tilled.


n. 1 (plural of pain English) 2 ''(used in plural)'' Trouble taken doing something; attention to detail; careful effort. vb. (en-third-person singular of: pain)


n. an effortful attempt to attain a goal [syn: striving, nisus, strain]


Pains may refer to:

  • Physical pain
  • Suffering
  • Pan-assay interference compounds or PAINS in the assay
Pains (EP)

Pains. is the second EP by the nu metal band, Islander. The EP features H.R. of Bad Brains. The EP has been compared with P.O.D.'s Murdered Love and Korn's debut album.

Usage examples of "pains".

Hence, the palpitation of the heart, dyspepsia or acute attacks of indigestion, with colicky pains and heaviness after meals, with eructations or belchings of gas, or local discomfort and unnatural action affecting, at different times, almost every organ of the body.

Preceding the first appearance of the menses, girls usually feel an aching in the back, pains in the limbs, chilliness, and general languor.

When I first commenced using your medicine I was suffering from female weakness, leucorrhea, bearing-down pains and a soreness across me that at times I could hardly stand up straight when I would get up off of my chair to walk across the room.

These neuralgic pains fly along the tracks of nerves to different organs, and capriciously dart from point to point with marvelous celerity, producing nausea, headache, and sometimes delirium.

Great pains are taken to obtain the materials at the right season of the year, properly cured so that none of their remedial qualities may be impaired.

Sharp, shooting, lancinating pains occur in inflammation of the serous tissues, as in pleurisy.

In chronic, abdominal affections, rheumatic fevers, gout, and syphilis, the entire system is thrown into a morbid state, the nervous system is disturbed, and wandering pains manifest themselves in different parts of the body.

Or, if pains cease suddenly without the other symptoms abating, the import is bad.

The pulse is more compressible and less frequent, the kidneys act freely, respiration is natural, the pains subside, although there remains languor, lassitude, and weariness, a preternatural sensibility to cold, an easily excited pulse, and a pale and sickly aspect of the countenance.

There are wandering pains in the body and sometimes a passive delirium exists.

It is for this reason that neither time nor pains have been spared in perfecting an alterative, tonic, nutritive, restorative, and antiseptic compound, to which Dr.

THE SYMPTOMS of rickets are severe pains in the bones, especially during the night, febrile excitement and profuse perspiration, paleness of the face, a sallow and wrinkled appearance of the skin, and derangement of the digestive organs.

At times I could not even walk across the room, without pains in my chest.

If the inflammation is acute, the mouth is dry and parched, or as is more frequently the case, the flow of saliva is abundant and acrid, and, when swallowed, irritates the stomach and bowels, producing fever, diarrhea, griping pains, and flatulency.

The pains, which precede each evacuation, are intermittent in character.