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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Giuliani turned his answer into a paean to the police.
▪ Had he been, he would have made Michael Codron's chastisement seem like a love paean.
▪ His first column was a paean to the ingenuity, resolve, and bravery represented by the massive Berlin airlift.
▪ It turns the essential artifice of this new delivery system into an asset, making the film seem a paean to plastic.
▪ Many classic Tinseltown films are veritable paeans to white supremacy.
▪ The end is no wild and glorious pagan racket, but rather a noble, meticulously layered paean.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

paeon \p[ae]"on\ (p[=e]"[o^]n), n. [L. paeon, Gr. paiw`n a solemn song, also, a p[ae]on, equiv. to paia`n. See P[ae]an.] (Anc. Poet.) A foot of four syllables, one long and three short, admitting of four combinations, according to the place of the long syllable. [Written also, less correctly, p[ae]an.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from Latin paean "hymn of deliverance," from Greek paian "hymn, chant, hymn to Apollo," from Paian, a name of the god of healing; originally the physician of the gods (in Homer), later merged with Apollo; literally "one who touches" (i.e. "one who heals by a touch"), from paio "to touch, strike."


n. 1 Any loud and joyous song; a song of triumph. 2 An enthusiastic expression of praise. vb. (context transitive English) To praise.

  1. n. a formal expression of praise [syn: encomium, eulogy, panegyric, pean]

  2. (ancient Greece) a hymn of praise (especially one sung in ancient Greece to invoke or thank a deity) [syn: pean]


A paean is a song or lyric poem expressing triumph or thanksgiving. In classical antiquity, it is usually performed by a chorus, but some examples seem intended for an individual voice ( monody). It comes from the Greek παιάν (also παιήων or παιών), "song of triumph, any solemn song or chant." "Paeon" was also the name of a divine physician and an epithet of Apollo.

Paean (god)

In Greek mythology, Paean , Paeëon or Paieon , or Paeon or Paion was the Greek physician of the gods.

Paean (disambiguation)

A paean is a song or expression of thanksgiving, triumph, healing or praise.

Paean, Paeeon, Paeëon, Paeon, Paian, Paieon, or Paion (from the Ancient Greek Παιάν, Παιήων, or Παιών) may refer to:

Paean (horse)

Paean (foaled 4 April 1983 – ca. 1989) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse and sire. A specialist over long distances he was ideally suited by soft ground on which he won the 1987 Ascot Gold Cup by a modern record margin of fifteen lengths. He had previously finished second on his only start as a two-year-old in 1985 and won five times as a three-year-old in 1986. Paean broke down with an injury after his Gold Cup win and never raced again. In a brief stud career he showed some promise as a sire of steeplechasers.

Usage examples of "paean".

Tunborelarba of the Arba waved all four hands for quiet and proceeded to open the solemn convocation with a pugnacious, if not downright martial, paean to the virtues of the Great Hive.

An hour or two after its termination, loud paeans chanted through the valley announced the approach of the victors.

Such was the paean that John sang in his heart as he contemplated those fine partridges before lovingly transferring them to his bag.

How wouldst have paeaned It, if what hadst dreamed Thereof were truth, and all my showings dream?

      Thus all day long the young men worshipped the god with song, hymning him and chaunting the joyous paean, and the god took pleasure in their voices.

In between came chirpings and abrupt paeans of music, like woodwinds essaying tentative melodic runs.

He had hardly been able to pay attention to his surroundings, partly because the grays and browns of the rock and earthen walls hardly offered much in the way of scenery, but mostly because the diggers that surrounded them were all crying out to the gods, and so Oykib could hear the silent pleadings and psalms and paeans as if they were all singing in his ears.

They wrote paeans of exaltation to the Tyrant and obscene, scathing attacks on Alberico at request.

Sometimes humans hit on a moment of profundity more complete than their dim minds could comprehend, and they took that nugget of truth and dumped it in the refuse for the bards and the poets to find, and mangle into yodeling paeans to love.

It continued the searching seeking, learning more than it could bear of joys and sorrows, impassioned paeans, painful passacaglias of species gone, dead worlds which made it hasten.

Their running commentary on the Holy City was more in the order of a paean to its loveliness, its passion, its mysterious hold on the hearts of men.

Not far off in the trees someone saw her and young voices yodeled a paean of anticipation.