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n. (cx Sanskrit prosody English) The basic metric unit of Vedic poetry, consisting of one line of verse in Sanskrit, typically as part of a four-line stanza.


Pada may refer to:

  • Pada (foot), in Sanskrit grammar, and Hindu and Buddhist tradition
  • Sri Pada or Adam's Peak, a mountain in Sri Lanka
  • Pada, Estonia, village in Viru-Nigula Parish, Lääne-Viru County, Estonia
  • Pada river, see List of rivers of Estonia
Pada (foot)

Pada or pāda is the Sanskrit term for " foot" (cognate to English foot, Latin pes, Greek pous), with derived meanings "step, stride; footprint, trace; vestige, mark". The term has a wide range of applications, including any one of four parts (as it were one foot of a quadruped), or any sub-division more generally, e.g. a chapter of a book (originally a section of a book divided in four parts).

In Sanskrit metre, pāda is the term for " metrical foot".

As a measure of length, a pada amounts to 12 or 15 fingers' breadth, or 1/2 or 1/3 or 3/7 of a Prakrama.

In Sanskrit grammar, a pada is any inflected word (noun or verb).

In Buddhist tradition, pāda is the term for a symbolic "Buddha's footprint". Buddha’s footprints symbolized his presence, and his image and iconography developed several centuries after he had died. There are also several landmarks venerated as "footprints" (pāda, also pādamudrā) of Hindu deities. For example, Sri Pada is a rock formation in Sri Lanka venerated as the footprint of Buddha in Buddhist tradition, the footprint of Shiva in Hindu tradition, and the footprint of Adam in Muslim tradition.

Usage examples of "pada".

While I watched, she began to doodle on a legal pada cowboy stabbed in the chest with a cartoon knife.

Sierra to meet him was strung out along the upper Pada River east of Ciano, fighting its way through swarms of guerillas.

Half a dozen Land merchantmen had beached themselves by the harbor forts on either side of the entrance from the Pada estuary.

The Land dirigible was gliding away on a curving pathway that would take it miles to the east, down the road to the capital and then back towards the Pada River near Veron.

Corona, up the valley of the Pada, through the Sierran Mountains and down into the Union.

She finished scrawling on the notepaper and tore the top sheet off from the soccer-patterned pada Christmas gift from one of her pupils.