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Pacal may refer to:

  • Pacal (genus), a genus of arachnid, belonging to order of schizomids (shorttailed whipscorpions), endemic to Mexico
  • K'inich Janaab' Pakal, also known as Pacal the Great - 7th-century ruler of the pre-Columbian Maya site of Palenque, in what is now Chiapas, Mexico
  • Pacalpörkölt, a Hungarian meat stew (pörkölt) made with tripe (pacal)
Pacal (arachnid)

Pacal is a genus of arachnid, belonging to the family Hubbardiidae in the order Schizomida ("shorttailed whipscorpions"). The genus contains three identified species, all endemic to Mexico.

Usage examples of "pacal".

I got the impression that Pacal was used to being harassed about his card, and I felt a vague sense of guilt.

In one final insult to my sanity, I found myself staring not at a jaguar, but at my suspect, Pacal Bahlum.

I frowned, wondering what excuse I could possibly give Charlie for bringing Pacal with me.

I told Pacal, before climbing out and heading towards the solemn group standing around the red clay shore.

Ignoring Pacal for the moment, I followed Charlie to the car, where the crime lab techs were already starting to go over it.

The smell was everything you might expect, and I saw Pacal actually take a step back.

I said, holding the drivers license so that Charlie and Pacal could see.

Charlie gave Pacal a dark look--I had the feeling that nothing was going to make my partner take to the shaman.

When lunch rolled around, I volunteered to take Pacal to the nearest diner.

I took out the list of the three immigrant workers Pacal said had been killed by our monster and plotted the locations of their murders on the map.

I was angry--angry that someone had shot at me, angry that Pacal had taken such a risk despite my telling him to stay put.

The pipes in the wall rattled while Pacal showered in the old, claw-footed tub upstairs.

I hesitated a moment, wondering if I should get into my relationship with Pacal, then forged ahead.

I wanted to tell Charlie that Pacal was probably better protection against the thing we were hunting than a carload of AK-47s.

Even though Pacal had only a small head start on me, I could barely see him in the rising gloom.