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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Labial \La"bi*al\, n.

  1. (Phonetics) A letter or character representing an articulation or sound formed or uttered chiefly with the lips, as b, p, w.

  2. (Mus.) An organ pipe that is furnished with lips; a flue pipe.

  3. (Zo["o]l.) One of the scales which border the mouth of a fish or reptile.


Mute \Mute\, n.

  1. One who does not speak, whether from physical inability, unwillingness, or other cause. Specifically:

    1. One who, from deafness, either congenital or from early life, is unable to use articulate language; a deaf-mute.

    2. A person employed by undertakers at a funeral.

    3. A person whose part in a play does not require him to speak.

    4. Among the Turks, an officer or attendant who is selected for his place because he can not speak.

  2. (Phon.) A letter which represents no sound; a silent letter; also, a close articulation; an element of speech formed by a position of the mouth organs which stops the passage of the breath; as, p, b, d, k, t.

  3. (Mus.) A little utensil made of brass, ivory, or other material, so formed that it can be fixed in an erect position on the bridge of a violin, or similar instrument, in order to deaden or soften the tone.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

a rare letter in the initial position in Germanic, in part because by Grimm's Law PIE p- became Germanic f-; even with the early Latin borrowings in Old English, -p- takes up a little over 4 pages in J.R. Clark Hall's "Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary," compared to 31 pages for B and more than 36 for F. But it now is the third-most-common initial letter in the English vocabulary, and with C and S comprises nearly a third of the dictionary, a testimony to the flood of words that have entered the language since 1066 from Latin, Greek, and French.\n

\nTo mind one's Ps and Qs (1779), possibly is from confusion of these letters among children learning to write. Another theory traces it to old-time tavern-keepers tracking their patrons' bar tabs in pints and quarts. But see also to be P and Q (1610s), "to be excellent," a slang phrase said to derive from prime quality.


Etymology 1 letter (Latn-def en letter 16 pee) num. (Latn-def en ordinal 16 pee) Etymology 2

abbr. 1 post, meaning after 2 ''Music'' symbol for piano (play softly) 3 page (plural pp) 4 (context UK English) penny; pence. 5 (context knitting English) purl 6 (context Internet English) pretty (qualifier: as an intensifier) alt. 1 post, meaning after 2 ''Music'' symbol for piano (play softly) 3 page (plural pp) 4 (context UK English) penny; pence. 5 (context knitting English) purl 6 (context Internet English) pretty (qualifier: as an intensifier)


P ( named pee ) is the 16th letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

P (complexity)

In computational complexity theory, P, also known as PTIME or DTIME(n), is one of the most fundamental complexity classes. It contains all decision problems that can be solved by a deterministic Turing machine using a polynomial amount of computation time, or polynomial time.

Cobham's thesis holds that P is the class of computational problems that are "efficiently solvable" or "tractable"; in practice, some problems not known to be in P have practical solutions, and some that are in P do not, but this is a useful rule of thumb.

( majuscule: , minuscule: ) is a Latin P with a diacritical tilde. It is or was used as a grapheme in some languages of Vanuatu, such as North Efate, South Efate and Namakura, to represent a . It is also used in the Yanesha language.

The letter was introduced by missionaries and has been in use for over a hundred years.

In Bislama, the lingua franca of Vanuatu, p with tilde is called snekpi "snake-P".

In Old English, it was used as a contraction of the penny, as in ("120 pence").

P (band)

P was a short-lived American alternative rock band formed in early 1993 by Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes (vocals), actor Johnny Depp (guitar/bass), actor Sal Jenco (percussion), and songwriter Bill Carter (guitar/bass).

P (film)

P is a 2005 Thai language horror feature film directed by Paul Spurrier.

P (Los Angeles Railway)

P was a line operated by the Los Angeles Railway from 1895 to 1958, and by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority from 1958 to 1963. It was by far the most popular of the railway's routes.

P (disambiguation)

P is the sixteenth letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

P may also refer to:

  • P, in Greek alphabet, the Rho, the lowercase p is also sometimes confused with Rho ρ or ϱ
  • P, in Cyrillic alphabet, the Er
  • In linguistics, P (also O), the patient-like argument (object) of a canonical transitive verb
  • Encircled P, or ℗, is the sound recording copyright symbol
  • p., an abbreviation for page when referencing a page number in a print publication
  • Portugal country code in the vehicle registration plates of the European Union
  • Parking, see also Parking (disambiguation).
P (album)

P is the eponymous debut album by American alternative rock band P, featuring Bill Carter, Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes and Sal Jenco. It was released on November 21, 1995 through Capitol Records and was reissued on May 8, 2007, under the Caroline Records label. Produced by bassist Andrew Weiss, the album also featured contributions from Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, and pianist and Los Angeles scene fixture Chuck E. Weiss.

The album features diverse "array of alternative rock, touching on funk metal, R.E.M.-style folk-rock, and grunge." The album also features cover versions of Daniel Johnston's "I Save Cigarette Butts" and ABBA's " Dancing Queen". The track " Michael Stipe" was released as a single in 1995 and received airplay on alternative radio.

P (symbol)


The "P" symbol or "P" badge was introduced on 8 March 1940 by the Nazi German government with relation to the requirement that Polish workers ( Zivilarbeiter) used during World War II as forced laborers in Germany (following the German invasion and occupation of Poland) display a visible symbol marking their ethnic origin. The symbol was introduced with the intent to be used as a cloth patch, which indeed was the most common form, but also reproduced on documents (through stamps) and posters. The badge was humiliating, and like the similar Jewish symbol, can be seen as a badge of shame.

Usage examples of "p".

Van Deef, Peavis and Pim stood awaiting them, the guardscaptain in his maroon uniform, Peavis in a nondescript summer dress, Pim nude as the others.

Van Deef, Pim and Peavis will come with me to Joy Hall and a conference with her majesty.

I know it does, as Pim has been reminding me most forcefully for the last half hour.

Pim, the machine which you alone will control has power that you cannot now imagine.

Bravery in a woman is not required -- which is why it is so admired when one displays it as Pim has done.

I owe him that I have the opportunity to stroke this charming penis that so obviously loves me in return, even though it will love Pim as well soon as it has the chance -- and every other woman who will open herself to it.

I dok se sve drugo vrtelo oko njega i bez reda i bez smisla i zbrkano, te njegove misli na oca nalazile su ga na obroncima brda, pred vidnim, proletnjim predelima, kao i ovde nad gradskim krovovima, pa su sve dovodile u red, rasporedile, smirile.

When they stood on the strand, Pim scratched her nickname in the sand with her toe.

For, first of all, by uniting man with Christ through grace, it strengthens his spiritual life, as spiritual food and spiritual medicine, according to Ps.

Astoria glanced under her armpit and verified that Pim hugged her machine in the same manner.

Tristam heard Pim rapidly mumbling a prayer as though he raced to get through it before he was swallowed whole, but the waterspout passed them by.

The sum total of civilization there consists of one PTA office, one corycium mine, and a bunch of humanoid natives with the collective IQ of a zucchini.

Saturday, 18870709:1024 Four or five gates later -- Pim was unsure of her count -- they emerged into weightlessness.

This bottle was similar to the one first out from Earth, as Pim thought of it, except that there were two gates of normal size on this wall and none on the far one.

When he had kissed Evelyn lingeringly, his hands under her robe, he led Pim to the closet door, urged her into it and passed just behind her.