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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Both will therefore produce an ovum that month.
▪ It is thought that the head secretes a substance which is capable of breaking down the outer layer of the ovum.
▪ The ovum is roughly spherical or slightly egg-shaped.
▪ The creature probably created by the fusion of a human nucleus and a bovine ovum was owed something.
▪ The victor then provides the ovum for that month.
▪ The whole woman of reproductive age produces an ovum a month, representing a single shot at a pregnancy every twenty-eight days.
▪ Then the nuclei arrange themselves side by side and fuse into a single nucleus carrying the chromosomes of both sperm and ovum.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ovum \O"vum\ ([=o]"v[u^]m), n.; pl. L. Ova ([=o]"v[.a]), E. Ovums ([=o]"v[u^]mz). [L., an egg. See Oval.]

  1. (Biol.) A more or less spherical and transparent cell, which by a process of multiplication and growth develops into a mass of cells, constituting a new individual like the parent; an egg, spore, germ, or germ cell. See Illust. of Mycropyle.

    Note: The ovum is a typical cell, with a cell wall, cell substance, nucleus, and nucleolus. In man and the higher animals the cell wall, a vertically striated membrane, is called the zona pellucida; the cell contents, the vitellus; the nucleus, the germinal vesicle; and the nucleolus, the germinal spot. The diameter of the ripe ovum in man and the domestic animals varies between 1-200 and 1-120 of an inch.

  2. (Arch.) One of the series of egg-shaped ornaments into which the ovolo is often carved.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

(plural ova), 1706, from Latin ovum "egg," cognate with Greek oon, Old Norse egg, Old English æg, all perhaps from PIE root *awi- (see egg (n.)).


n. (label en cytology) The female gamete in animals; the egg cell.

  1. n. the female reproductive cell; the female gamete [syn: egg cell]

  2. [also: ova (pl)]

Ovum (disambiguation)

Ovum commonly refers to:

  • Ovum, oosphere or egg cell: the female gamete involved in oogamous sexual reproduction

Ovum may also refer to:

In music:

  • Ovum Recordings, a music record label in Philadelphia, founded 1994
  • A song on the second studio album, The Hinderers, released 2007 by the American band Dååth

In industry:

  • Ovum Ltd., an industry analyst firm headquartered in London, England

Usage examples of "ovum".

Fertilization is effected by the passage of a spermatozoid, attracted probably by means of a chemical stimulus, down the passage of the archegonial neck and its fusion with the ovum.

When the archegonium opens by the separation of the cells at the tip, the disorganized canal-cells escape, leaving a narrow tubular passage leading down to the ovum.

Shnomri is also for biogenetic donation, of ova, which is why Shnomri comes from elsewhere.

Miss Kistemaeckers noticed that the cloaca of all three animals was very sore, and she writes that fertilisation of the ova of Andrias Scheuchzeri seems to take place not by copulation, nor even spawning, but by what she called the sexual milieu.

I do forever hereafter relinquish any claim to or jurisdiction over my donated ovum and any embryos or offspring that might result from my donated ovum.

A D, followed by a number on top of the lab and embryo transfer forms, corresponded with the consent Nora had signed to receive donated ova.

The third variety of hermaphrodites embraces those animals in which the male organs are so disposed as not to fecundate the ova of the same body, but require the co-operation of two individuals, notwithstanding the co-existence in each of the organs of both sexes.

But the sets of sperm and ova had been matched wrong, so the mixture of two embryos forming Gryf made him his strange paisley pattern.

There was, of course, the theoretical threat of all three ova implanting and Jazzy bearing triplets, but neither Derr nor I was concerned about that.

Billy the Kidney, the Jism Gang and I finish you and the opposition at the No-Go Corral and then plunder the outlaw savings at the Ovum Bank.

This time, it was only Tamara who would relive a part of her life, and so Danlo would be free to guide her backward through the stages of her ontogenesis from fertilized ovum to adult human being.

Those who accept evolution insist on unbroken physical continuity between the earliest known life and ourselves, so that we both are and are not personally identical with the unicellular organism from which we have descended in the course of many millions of years, exactly in the same way as an octogenarian both is and is not personally identical with the microscopic impregnate ovum from which he grew up.

In primis videlicet, quod pietantiarius qui pro tempore fuerit omni anno singulis festivitatibus infra scriptis duo ova in brodio pipere et croco bene condito omnibus et singulis fratribus .

Below all that, on the deepest level of all, is the zygote bank, ten thousand fertilized ova tucked away snugly in permafreeze spansules, and enough additional sperm and unfertilized ova to maintain significant genetic diversity as the succeeding generations of the colony unfold.

When an ovum bearing maleness meets the invariably maleness-bearing sperm, the resultant individual is a male, of course, and he is male all through.