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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a foreign/overseas student
▪ The University welcomes applications from overseas students.
foreign/international/overseas aid
▪ The development of the continent is now dependent on foreign aid.
foreign/international/overseas travel
▪ The job offers opportunities for foreign travel.
foreign/overseas investment
▪ The government is eager to attract foreign investment to fund building projects.
overseas development (=in other countries, especially poor ones)
▪ The Overseas Development Minister announced a £7,000,000 emergency aid programme for Somalia.
post sb abroad/overseas
▪ In addition to conversions, it was necessary to prepare spare equipment for maintenance of all trains going overseas.
▪ Obviously she had not, in the end, gone overseas.
▪ We still seem to have cigarettes, but jobs are going overseas, yet we allow the targeting of young people.
▪ But those are not jobs that went overseas, Bartlett said.
▪ They had not gone overseas out of a belief in religious toleration.
▪ Competing with the national team or going overseas are the only options at this point.
▪ Five hundred posts which would have been either created or protected here will now go overseas.
▪ There are opportunities to go overseas, but competition is tremendous, with five or six applicants for every job.
▪ Her parents, who lived overseas, came to visit and then stay.
▪ These are just two examples of Western capital moving overseas, separate from Western labor.
▪ One leading businessman said this week that up to 70 percent of shares traded every day were being sold overseas.
▪ Less than 100 Mekong vehicles have been sold overseas, Mr Tatebe says.
▪ So far we have looked at some of the main economic factors concerned with selling overseas.
▪ This reward and punishment principle of culture is important for selling overseas.
▪ An understanding of the way a society organises its economic activities and the type of technology used is important for selling overseas.
▪ Nationalism and dealings with governments are often considered to be the major problems facing a firm trying to sell overseas.
▪ However, the firm selling overseas needs an understanding of why they behave in that way.
▪ When they were sent overseas the situation was different.
▪ When the spring flowed into summer, Mr Southerland, who had become Lieutenant Southerland, was sent overseas.
▪ Bill Herbert was fortunate to be sent overseas as a war correspondent.
▪ The practice of children being sent overseas for adoption has always had its critics.
▪ Membership of this club limited to one per household. Overseas send for details.
▪ Goodbye, also, to the multitudinous managers and coaches of the largest team we've ever sent overseas.
▪ During my studies a woman who'd worked overseas introduced me to evening classes.
▪ Bennett advises employees who work overseas to spend a few hours visiting people when they come to the home office.
▪ It was inevitable that Mother Teresa would carry her work overseas.
▪ A company doing business overseas may not have made proper allowances for the high cost of inducing people to work overseas.
▪ Douglas often travelled overseas when he was in the army.
▪ Lara plans to study overseas.
▪ Much of the wood harvested in the northwest is shipped overseas.
▪ But most still want a robust presence overseas.
▪ However, many in the industry say the crackdown has driven even more jobs overseas.
▪ In many cases some of these subsidiaries are based overseas.
▪ Indeed, black models find they get much more exposure overseas.
▪ They are behind federal agencies in other parts of the country and overseas in whittling away at piles of backlogged work.
▪ This is for ordinary and special services, inland and overseas.
▪ The quality of Britain's overseas aid programme is second to none.
▪ This was after all, Gerald explained to his wife, how most overseas aid was distributed.
▪ It has to come from the overseas aid budgets of governments.
▪ Preston should ask where the overseas aid will go.
▪ Less than 2 percent of all overseas aid is going to improve communications.
▪ We will close the Defence Export Services Organisation and ensure that overseas aid is not linked in any way to arms purchases.
▪ Homelessness, overseas aid, prison overcrowding, electoral reform and the maintenance of peace are all on the agenda.
▪ A list of thirty measures ranging from recycling resources to doubling overseas aid were proposed.
▪ In some cases overseas banks set up branches in London because banking regulations at home made expansion difficult.
▪ The category of commercial banks also includes overseas banks.
▪ This curtailed global fund switching within overseas banks especially as most countries introduced exchange control regulations.
▪ The main providers of such funds are overseas banks, multinational corporations and institutional investors.
▪ Income from an overseas bank deposit arises in the overseas accumulation trust and is validly accumulated.
▪ The figure has fallen to less than 60 percent as overseas banks have become keen lenders.
▪ The market developed in the 1960s, involving firstly overseas banks, later merchant banks and discount houses.
▪ These firms may even have overseas branches.
▪ The bank also said it will transfer customer trust accounts held at its overseas branches to local banks.
▪ The year end 1991 figures exclude 3,734 employees directly employed by overseas businesses held for resale which were sold during 1992.
▪ But according to Potter, further development of overseas business is fundamental to Psion's future growth strategy.
▪ That can be critical when it comes to winning overseas business.
▪ The principal will gain valuable market information on competitive actions, the overseas business environment and feedback on promotions and new products.
▪ Such overseas business represented not so much diversification as a natural development of banking facilities to meet customer needs.
▪ But most overseas buyers of the clothes are not sports fans - they are slaves to the fashion for Americana.
▪ But his video may not find as many overseas buyers as his rivals think.
▪ Some large international banks operate separate export service subsidiary companies that make credit available to overseas buyers.
▪ A number of suggestions are also made to make it more attractive for overseas companies to employ non-domiciled nationals.
▪ Through career information interviewing he heard of an overseas company that was about to establish a domestic office.
▪ It also has the largest number of overseas companies listed.
▪ No names of overseas companies have been disclosed.
▪ This embraces all overseas companies, but in practice this has not given rise to difficulties.
▪ Several overseas companies were active at this time.
▪ Indeed, much of the merger movement within countries was a reaction to the strengthening of overseas competition.
▪ However, many organizations, like Home Corp., are insulated from overseas competition, so that answer is clearly inadequate.
▪ In a number of overseas countries the role of actuaries has been enhanced by requiring them to fulfil a statutory role.
▪ In his career he has visited fourteen overseas countries.
▪ Your overseas customer will need to provide the bank which is sending the payment with details of your branch and account number.
▪ The taxpayer had carried on in Hong Kong the business of exploiting rights by granting sub-licences to overseas customers.
▪ The Institute defines export marketing as the complete process of discovering and satisfying the needs of overseas customers, at a profit.
▪ The austerity measures affected primarily spending on health, social welfare, defence and overseas development assistance.
▪ It is much more substantial than the policies produced by the Government in their papers on overseas development.
▪ On overseas developments, a foreign bank may well be able to offer specialist assistance with matters such as currency and tax advice.
▪ Mr. Gregory Will my right hon. Friend acknowledge the importance of the popular music industry and its contribution to overseas earnings?
▪ Thus between 1966 and 1976 net overseas earnings rose on average by 5.3 times as against 2.3 times for manufacturing.
▪ Redstone also said he wanted Viacom to be more aggressive in its overseas expansion.
▪ Precise evaluation of the effects of overseas investment nevertheless remains extremely difficult.
▪ There was no competition either from demands for overseas investment, and a large-scale property market did not exist.
▪ For what it is worth, the general conclusion which emerged was that overseas investment had a small positive effect on exports.
▪ However, the most important factor influencing overseas investments is exchange rate risk.
▪ What would be easier than withdrawing their overseas investments, something that would decimate our markets?
▪ Direct overseas investment has fallen off sharply since the 1989/90 peak.
▪ Throughout the period under examination Britain had a negative balance on the flow of long-term overseas investment.
▪ Meanwhile an intense marketing campaign will continue to interest overseas investors in the 18.5 percent of the issue earmarked for sale abroad.
▪ There were reports of strong demand from institutional fund managers and private clients, together with interest from overseas investors.
▪ If demand is greater than expected more shares can be clawed back from allocations earmarked for institutional and overseas investors.
▪ In Wellington, stocks fell, though losses were restrained by buying by overseas investors in the forestry sector.
▪ The focus of this will be the expansion of sales to the private sector and to selected overseas markets.
▪ Strong trading in overseas markets helped first half profit before tax rise by 12% to £88.5m at Redland.
▪ All tests on products for overseas markets need to be interpreted with caution.
▪ While it intends to move into overseas markets, it will do so at its own pace, Brossa added firmly.
▪ The difficulty is greater in relation to overseas markets having temperatures and humidities higher than those of temperate regions.
▪ The training of agents is important to indirect selling in overseas markets, particularly if the products are technically complex.
▪ They are a useful alternative for small companies whose overseas operations are limited, not warranting the expense of direct involvement.
▪ Although markets are treated globally, they assert that overseas operations act simply as delivery pipelines to a unified global market.
▪ The overseas operations of Wang have not filed for bankruptcy.
▪ Section 739 would not apply at that point because no income is paid to an overseas person.
▪ It was thought to be good to have this led by an overseas person.
▪ London Crusaders have been given special permission to field five overseas players per game in the new season.
▪ Mr Salmon then, quite illogically, goes on to applaud the presence of overseas players in League One.
▪ What is an overseas player, if not an individual exile?
▪ He says some overseas players are disasters but Courtney has been great for Gloucestershire.
▪ Farnham will miss the extra pace of Lee, but the club have resolved to do without overseas players.
▪ But we were talking earlier of overseas players.
▪ And, perhaps most crucial of all, what are they going to do about their next overseas player?
▪ A recent decision tightening up the laws relating to overseas players will greatly restrict the flow of foreigners to Ireland.
▪ Budget cuts have forced the State Department to close dozens of overseas posts.
▪ Any overseas profits accrued not to it, but to the sub-businesses.
▪ Issues are managed by large banks or security traders and sold to both domestic and overseas residents.
▪ Generally, however, double taxation treaties exist between countries which permit overseas residents to purchase their securities.
▪ It achieved overseas sales exceeding £500,000 in April.
▪ There are also exciting new projects which will require assistance; overseas sales, student network and indexing.
▪ It is not just the prospect of overseas sales which is troubling the nuclear industry and its critics at present.
▪ Building societies do not buy company or overseas securities and in 1987 were actually net sellers of government securities.
▪ A feature throughout their history has been a very high level of investment in overseas securities.
▪ Major overseas stock markets surged today.
▪ Major overseas stock markets were mixed.
▪ These include an Academic Study option specially planned for overseas students.
▪ In this context, the failure to attract overseas students is seen as a dramatic failure.
▪ Some 450 students, mainly postgraduates, were overseas students attracted from non-EC countries.
▪ No support is available for overseas students.
▪ Product sales generated £31.1m up from £30.1m in 1991, some 58% of which came from overseas subsidiaries.
▪ The results of overseas subsidiaries are translated into sterling at average rates for the year.
▪ On consolidation, the assets and liabilities of overseas subsidiary and associated undertakings are translated at the completion rate of exchange.
▪ Parent company guarantees Joining an overseas subsidiary, for example, carries potential risks.
▪ All of Johnson Matthey's money borrowings are in foreign currency to finance the groups overseas subsidiaries.
▪ Timing Employee selection should not be rushed merely because the overseas subsidiary demands a person in the vacant job straight away.
▪ Disclosure is not required for non-audit services supplied to subsidiaries not audited by the parent company's auditor and to overseas subsidiaries.
▪ By 1966, 20 percent of their total sales was accounted for by overseas subsidiaries.
▪ The number of such judicial appointments for overseas territories is considerable.
▪ In the General Staff's view, instabilities in Britain's overseas territories were likely to grow rather than decline as Sandys hoped.
▪ Finally, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council hears appeals from a very limited number of overseas territories.
▪ For example the administration of overseas territories has been accomplished by means of orders in council issued by virtue of the royal prerogative.
▪ Lawrence was on his first senior overseas tour and was thrilled to be picked for the final test.
▪ It was Huddersfield's first overseas tour.
▪ Suffice to state at this stage that banks are essential for the smooth handling of overseas trade and investment transactions.
▪ A hundred pounds and above covered knights and other leading gentry as well as merchants in overseas trade.
▪ What permitted the concentration of foreign trade in a few ports was the complementing of overseas trade by coastal trade.
▪ To smooth overseas travel, each holiday has its own flights.
▪ I promised that I would speak to the President about the overseas travel.
▪ As the students in the major urban areas became more familiar with foreign teachers, their desire for overseas travel increased.
Travel agents are an important component in the organizational structure of United Kingdom overseas travel.
▪ A year later she started work as an overseas travel rep with a large company.
▪ Which means my overseas trips will be reduced to two or three a year.
▪ It was as if he was doing a parody of a president returning from an overseas trip.
▪ One difficult question is what is the situation if the overseas trust went through a non-qualifying buy-back procedure?
▪ Lost trust losses X dies with an interest in possession in an overseas trust with assets standing at a capital loss.
▪ There are a considerable number of provisions which the taxpayer must carefully take into account when setting up an overseas trust.
▪ This chapter examines the question of what, precisely, is an overseas trust.
▪ Mr X sets up an overseas trust under which he and his spouse are excluded from all benefit.
▪ Mr X gives £1M to an overseas trust under which Mr Y has an interest in possession.
▪ There is an overseas trust which received income arising from overseas possessions and securities.
▪ Mr Smith may set up an overseas trust for the benefit of his grandchildren.
▪ The question of using overseas visitors for advocacy had arisen and was discussed.
▪ Many graduate students and overseas visitors have worked on aspects of the ecology of this field.
▪ All subsequent communications about overseas visitors itineraries to be conducted with Coordinators only.
overseas bank accounts
overseas travel
▪ The university has a large number of overseas students.
▪ There has been an increase in overseas trade during the last year.
▪ David Lawrence, whose first overseas Test came to a tragic end when he broke his kneecap while bowling.
▪ Finally, when choosing an overseas package tour, do not skimp.
▪ Hearst officials said they expect the overseas program to grow to 50 editions by the turn of the century.
▪ Please trust our selection; it makes your overseas journey shorter, sweeter and more efficient.
▪ The contract in many ways represents the changing nature of overseas military operations.
▪ Tourism attraction operators in Cheshire will be told of the latest developments in home and overseas marketing at a forum this month.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oversea \O"ver*sea"\, Overseas \O"ver*seas"\, adv. Over the sea; abroad.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from over + sea. Popularized during World War I as a British euphemism for "colonial."


a. 1 abroad. 2 (context used with ethnicities, nationalities, or religious affiliations English) living (being resident) in a foreign country. 3 Across a sea. adv. 1 Abroad. 2 Across a sea. alt. 1 abroad. 2 (context used with ethnicities, nationalities, or religious affiliations English) living (being resident) in a foreign country. 3 Across a sea.

  1. adj. in a foreign country; "markets abroad"; "overseas markets" [syn: abroad]

  2. being or passing over or across the sea; "some overseas trade in grain arose" [syn: oversea]

  1. adv. beyond or across the sea; "He lived overseas for many years" [syn: oversea]

  2. in a place across an ocean [syn: beyond the sea, over the sea, abroad]


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Overseas (album)

Overseas is a jazz studio album by pianist Tommy Flanagan and his trio, released in 1957 on the Prestige label. It was Flanagan's debut album as a leader, and was recorded overseas, in Sweden, whilst touring with J. J. Johnson's quintet. The album was also released as Tommy Flanagan Trio and Tommy Flanagan Trio Overseas.

Overseas (band)

Overseas is an American indie rock band, that includes David Bazan of Pedro The Lion and Headphones; Will Johnson of Centro-matic and South San Gabriel; plus Bubba & Matt Kadane of Bedhead and The New Year.

Their debut album was officially announced on April 4, 2013 and was released on June 11, 2013.

Usage examples of "overseas".

The hallway was bleak, decorated with yellowed grade sheets from the previous semester and the flyers that promised overseas employment or assistantships at unfamiliar colleges.

A few Aussie bugs have been sent overseas to control pests like manuka weed and the sugarcane planthopper.

Because of the progress and popularity of Montayne overseas, questions now being asked publicly were: Why was FDA taking so long to decide?

Bernard, to learn what barons were certainly mustering their vassals for overseas, what the tithes would be.

British Empire overseas, as foreigners always tried to shut the British out of their own oversea dominions.

His brother, the late King Edward, had instituted a system of scurriers and spy networks which had kept him well informed as to the propensities of those about him at court, within the realm at large and overseas.

Thus in Fiji, Solf regime had discouraged foreign settlement, and the confiscation of German estates after the First World War placed large tracts of well-developed, productive land under the direct control of the government, and gave it an economic base independent of overseas investors.

In recent years, airframe manufacturers had been obliged to send portions of the fabrication overseas, to the countries ordering planes.

But Kamil checked with his communications security people at Project 858-the Al Hadi unit-and they say someone made an overseas phone call from the bank only minutes before the Amn Al-Khass officers showed up.

A few Aussie bugs have been sent overseas to control pests like manuka weed and the sugarcane planthopper.

A lot will depend on the reaction of overseas lenders and Chinas non-American trading partners.

Yet when I returned home from overseas, I found that rather than spend the time and expense to detrain the dogs, our military had begun to destroy them.

Two days later he handed me a requisition form for three new dogs, which I was to pick up from Carl Spitz, owner of the Hollywood Dog Training School, and the one who had worked with the 1st Platoon before it went overseas.

We traded experiences and both agreed that sending nervous, badly behaved dogs overseas was a waste of time and a betrayal to the handlers that would be sent out on patrol with them.

Clyde Henderson, Gors and I debated what to do with the remaining dogs on duty: some of the dogs from overseas that had been sent back to the War Dog Training School had already been euthanized without ever having been given the chance to be rehabilitated.