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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"exaggerated, extravagant, eccentric," 1722, from French outré "exaggerated, excessive, extreme," past participle of outrer "to carry to excess, overdo, overstrain, exaggerate," from outre "beyond" (see outrage).


a. (alternative spelling of outré English)


adj. conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual; "restaurants of bizarre design--one like a hat, another like a rabbit"; "famed for his eccentric spelling"; "a freakish combination of styles"; "his off-the-wall antics"; "the outlandish clothes of teenagers"; "outre and affected stage antics" [syn: bizarre, eccentric, freakish, freaky, flaky, off-the-wall, outlandish]

Outré (Jeff Schmidt album)

Outré is the debut solo album of Jeff Schmidt.

Category:2007 debut albums

Outré (Portal album)

Outre' (sometimes written as Outré) is the second studio album by Australian extreme metal band Portal. A vinyl version of the album was released through Obsidian Records.

Usage examples of "outre".

Stanhope, Sir Robert Walpole, the great Earl Camden, Outred the mathematician, Boyle the philosopher, Waller the poet, the illustrious Earl of Chatham, Lord Lyttelton, Gray the poet, and an endless list of shining characters have owned Eton for their scholastic nursery: not to mention the various existing literati who have received their education at this celebrated college.

The jewels, like the vortices of light, the outre cities inside volcanoes, hidden valleys, other dimensions, the monsterlike aliens with an aspect of benevolence, are all of obvious derivation.

He smelled the outre, cloying effect beyond that edge, smelling rank, musky colognes of asbestos mixed with soy spray.

Pour passer outre d'Hercules la colonne, Barcins, Tyrrens dresser cruelle brique.

Strolling across the garnet flagstones, they have the opportunity to see all the human types in their bright and often outre garb: the martians with their back-bending stalk legs and bouffant manes, the whippet-thin wraiths of the Anthropos Essentia in their orange frocks and headwraps, and the aboriginals looking so simian in their contour jackets and flexfabrics.

The altar’s curious knobs and protrusions jammed into her back, making her wonder at its outré design.

You know, outré police methods, like the time you shot those unarmed niggers.

He was obviously afraid of having his more outré secrets exposed, which is something you should consider should you decide to testify against the Department.

It was not that her private, outre brand of Roman Catholicism merely condoned what the Church as a whole regarded as sin: this was more than simple sanction, it was implicit acceptance of the four episodes as outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace belonging to Victoria alone.