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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It was kind of freaky to meet all of his old girlfriends.
▪ All of those freaky stories of yours.
▪ That was a very freaky, nice warm day.
▪ What was this perplexing, freaky thing before her?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

freaky \freaky\ adj. markedly unusual or abnormal; as, freaky weather.

Syn: freakish.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1824, "capricious, whimsical," from freak (n.) + -y (2). Psychedelic sense is from 1966. Related: Freakiness.


a. 1 resembling a freak 2 (context slang English) odd; bizarre; unusual 3 (context slang English) scary; frightening 4 (context slang English) sexually deviant

  1. adj. strange and somewhat frightening; "the whole experience was really freaky"

  2. conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual; "restaurants of bizarre design--one like a hat, another like a rabbit"; "famed for his eccentric spelling"; "a freakish combination of styles"; "his off-the-wall antics"; "the outlandish clothes of teenagers"; "outre and affected stage antics" [syn: bizarre, eccentric, freakish, flaky, off-the-wall, outlandish, outre]

  3. [also: freakiest, freakier]


Freaky may refer to:

  • Freaky (2008 TV series), British television series
  • Freaky (TV series), a New Zealand children's program
  • Freaky (song), a single by Kumi Koda
  • Freakies, a breakfast cereal brand
Freaky (song)

Koda Kumi's 36th single, "Freaky" (stylized as FREAKY), was released on June 27, 2007. The single took the #1 spot on the Oricon, making it her fourth #1 single, and charted for fifteen weeks. The single came in CD and CD+DVD, with limited editions for both. The limited editions contained a fold-out poster. The CD+DVD version harbored instrumentals for the four tracks on the single, while the CD only carried remixes.

The single was certified platinum for copies shipped to stores, and the song FREAKY was certified platinum for downloads by the RIAJ.

Freaky (TV series)

Freaky is a New Zealand anthology series that was produced by Avalon Productions and funded by NZ on Air. It features episodes about children facing odd phenomena and eerie situations. Usually the protagonist is a boy or girl who starts by trying to do something normal and ordinary, and ends up facing an alien, supernatural or weird force of some kind. This is both a fantasy and science fiction show, with aliens, portals and time travel. Often it has a low level horror aspect as well, as in ghost visitations. It is comparable to a children's version of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. It is set in New Zealand in ordinary locations such as houses, malls and schools.

It originally aired on TV2 on Sunday evenings at 5:00pm from 14 September to 14 December 2003 as well as TVNZ 6 New Zealand from September 2010 to December 2010. It also aired on ABC from early 2004 to mid 2009 and later on ABC3 in late 2009 to early 2010 in Australia.

Freaky (2008 TV series)

Freaky is a British television series with David Penn (magician) in which a group of magicians perform tricks on common bystanders, featured on Channel 4 in the UK and G4's Duty Free TV (USA).

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Usage examples of "freaky".

No one except that freaky commune in Los Angeles and, at first, he had discounted Biggie and his crowd.

That freaky Lord Gith got his scaly butt kicked when he tried to take Elise away from Ki, though.

The last thing I want is to catch parvo from you, or some other freaky dog disease that makes me lift my leg around hydrants.

Hookers with like these freaky reprofiled kinks, she ships them in from phase three space.

And so many crops were being cultivated because the food had to feed all the serfs, not just the freaky threesome in the castle.

Another one of those freaky Arab experiments: a tour in the khamseen, whether it could actually be done or not.

Freaky went up over the handlebars, knocked spang out of his shitkicker boots by the impact, both of his legs trailing out behind him in crippled splendor as his body flew its short, wingless flight from the seat of his Schwinn to a stone wall where Freaky landed and spread his head like a dollop of wet glue on the rocks.

Shaq and his crew are fixin' to jump your honey freaky tomorrow night.

Beauty may always be a little bit freakish, but the year I turned thirteen I was becoming freakier than ever.

Nick was momentarily bemused by the freaky choosiness of the tornado, which had taken most of the barn but had disdained their bikes, when he saw that Tom was weeping.

He went to Freaky's funeral, and before they got there he almost lost his lunch wondering if he would see Freaky's head spread in the coffin like a glob of Elmer's Glue, but Freaky was all fixed up in his sport coat and tie and his Cub Scouts attendance pin, and he looked ready to step out of his coffin the moment someone said baseball.

The last thing I want is to catch parvo from you, or some other freaky dog disease that makes me lift my leg around hydrants.

Just like now, in fact exactly like now, they had the freakiest of freak weather.

Most Big Birds were too daft and giggly to teach or study at Edinburgh University, unlike the Green Leakie Freakies and the Wee Purple Poopers and the horrible Krondak monsters, who seemed to be all over the place.

Along the avenue was some of the detritus that gathers at the exterior edge of a big university: used-book shops, cut-rate clothing stores featuring this year's freaky fashions, a porno shop, a school of astrology-reading in a store-front, a term-paper mill, three sub joints, hamburger, pizza, fried chicken joints, and a place selling soft ice cream.