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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
outlet mall
outlet store
outlet village
retail outlet/shop/store/chain
▪ We are looking for more retail outlets for our products.
▪ Being mainstream consumer items, them at any electrical outlet or airport duty free.
▪ The only irritating feature was the placement of electrical outlets in the kitchen.
▪ Price: £4.99 from supermarkets, electrical and dry outlets.
▪ Patients can wear a battery pack or plug into an electrical outlet to recharge the heart's battery.
▪ They are sold by many electrical retail outlets, and spares are easy to carry.
▪ Trunks have electrical outlets, telephone hookups and vents for air circulation.
▪ Way in the back was a fake electrical outlet through which people passed Miguel the money.
▪ The phones use an electrical outlet for power, but they also work on standard, 12-volt batteries.
▪ The fast food outlets certainly pride themselves on speed of service, an attractive environment and a friendly and courteous staff.
▪ They will be based in sprawling premises and surrounded by a range of leisure facilities and fast food outlets.
▪ Where there was success it was claimed to be due to local outlets and relevant local knowledge.
▪ It is also available from local Kall Kwik outlets.
▪ As the newer varieties of catfish have appeared in my local aquatic outlet, I have been purchasing them.
▪ These may be available through local outlets.
▪ Most local commercial outlets dealt in things to wear or watch or eat.
▪ The present Spinnery was the local retail outlet for the fine woven and embroidered work.
▪ He has over seven years experience in the carpet industry working with a number of major retail outlets.
▪ Guinness is sold through all the major brewer's outlets, and accounts for 4.5 percent of total beer sales.
▪ A handful of new outlets will be launched next year and if successful, will lead to an even bigger chain.
▪ Worldwide there are 48 Burberry outlets, with a good performance reported from new outlets such as in Berlin.
▪ The Empire still looked secure, but the competition for new trading outlets was increasing dramatically.
▪ Producers desperately needed to find new outlets for the capacity they had installed in the boom times.
▪ The holding of elections for worker representatives to the WICs from 1915 created new outlets for agitation and organization among the proletariat.
▪ Retraining may not be necessary if new outlets can be discovered for present skills.
▪ We only supply newspapers if we believe a new outlet will expand the market.
▪ Each spur can feed one new outlet, and this can be a single, double or triple socket outlet.
▪ Advertise the job internally first or simultaneously in other outlets.
▪ Whereas previously the career held most interest, other outlets now become attractive.
▪ Most of them left the ministry and moved to other evangelical outlets for their vocation.
▪ Three other outlets quickly followed in the town, with others in Yarm and Stockton.
▪ Deprived of other outlets they brought all their compressed energy to bear on the world of literature and ideas.
▪ Department stores and other retail outlets are suffering from a slump in sales and profits.
▪ Already well received by selected retail outlets, it is being used for window and in-store displays.
▪ In the United States, Franklin has long sold its product range through retail outlets.
▪ The cold, wet spring meant that business was slow for many retail outlets.
▪ Since then, 110 enterprises have set up in the centre's offices, retail outlets and workshops.
▪ While UniChem has fewer retail outlets than Lloyds, it has a larger wholesale division and generates higher revenues.
▪ The goods are then distributed to the retail company's outlets throughout the country.
▪ Shopping centres Shopping centres are purpose-built complexes which include many retail outlets under one roof - often on several floors.
▪ A plan to recoup around £85m by selling the smaller outlets fell through this year.
▪ Bovis Lend Lease will also build a smaller retail outlet, eight shops and an apartment block with 80 flats.
▪ Kingfisher says it would speed up the closure of small Currys outlets and the shift to larger out-of-town sites.
▪ The fast food outlets certainly pride themselves on speed of service, an attractive environment and a friendly and courteous staff.
▪ They will be based in sprawling premises and surrounded by a range of leisure facilities and fast food outlets.
▪ The fact is most media outlets try to police themselves.
▪ It is becoming more like the traditional media outlets.
▪ International media outlets consistently bashed the organization, transportation and infrastructure problems of these Games.
▪ Lastly, each spur can feed one single or one double socket outlet, or one fused connection unit.
▪ Radial circuits are sometimes used for socket outlets, where installing a ring circuit would waste cable.
▪ Overloading a socket outlet can easily start a fire, and all those trailing flexes pose a serious trip hazard.
▪ Each spur can feed one new outlet, and this can be a single, double or triple socket outlet.
▪ Many disadvantaged people will find an outlet for their abilities through whatever channels remain open.
▪ Eventually unmarried women found vocational outlets as missionaries.
▪ Laura found an occasional outlet in humorous accounts of their lives related to close women friends with an infectious laugh.
▪ Mutombo is a natural defender, patrolling the middle, grabbing rebounds and finding the outlet man.
▪ To deny this power is dangerous, for, suppressed, it will find another outlet and may erupt uncontrollably.
▪ In fact, if money is a problem, you may even find an outlet which is both interesting and profitable.
▪ But feeling does not evaporate: if it can not be shown in one form it finds an outlet in another.
▪ Contact the association direct if you're having difficulties in finding an outlet.
▪ A national discount chain had opened several warehouse outlets in a geographic region the retailer had long dominated.
▪ Trading standards officer say the recent growth in car boot sales has provided a perfect outlet for the computer pirates.
▪ And the growth of an emerging democracy over the past two years provides an outlet for his critics' denunciations.
▪ A plan to recoup around £85m by selling the smaller outlets fell through this year.
▪ For designers, for whom large retail stores are the main selling outlet, the news is not good.
▪ They don't produce a piece of vinyl to be sold in a retail outlet.
▪ an outlet mall
▪ After having their noses rubbed in the mud in autumn 1991, they are now looking at higher priced overseas outlets.
▪ Hamburger outlets are by far the most important, representing almost 80% of total turnover in the fast food market.
▪ Some mail-order outlets offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee.
▪ The department store chain is giving up a well-located outlet in its bid to compete in the shrinking department store retailing world.
▪ They're just using the mags as an outlet for their sexy thoughts and fantasies.
▪ Tickets are also available through Ticketmaster, 321-1000, or at outlets at Robinsons-May and Wherehouse Music.
▪ You may need to fiddle with the valves quite a bit to get the right balance between the different outlets.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Socket \Sock"et\, n. [OE. soket, a dim. through OF. fr. L. soccus. See Sock a covering for the foot.]

  1. An opening into which anything is fitted; any hollow thing or place which receives and holds something else; as, the sockets of the teeth.

    His eyeballs in their hollow sockets sink.

  2. Especially, the hollow tube or place in which a candle is fixed in the candlestick.

  3. (Electricity) the receptacle of an electric lamp into which a light bulb is inserted, containing contacts to conduct electricity to the bulb.

  4. (Electricity) the receptacle fixed in a wall and connected by conductive wiring to an electrical supply, containing contacts to conduct electricity, and into which the plug of an electrical device is inserted; -- called also a wall socket or outlet. The socket will typically have two or three contacts; if three, the third is connected to a ground for safety.

    And in the sockets oily bubbles dance.

    Socket bolt (Mach.), a bolt that passes through a thimble that is placed between the parts connected by the bolt.

    Socket chisel. Same as Framing chisel. See under Framing.

    Socket pipe, a pipe with an expansion at one end to receive the end of a connecting pipe.

    Socket pole, a pole armed with iron fixed on by means of a socket, and used to propel boats, etc. [U.S.]

    Socket wrench, a wrench consisting of a socket at the end of a shank or rod, for turning a nut, bolthead, etc., in a narrow or deep recess.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., "a river mouth," from out + let (v.). Electrical wiring sense is attested from 1892. Meaning "a retail store" is attested from 1933. Figurative sense "means of relief or discharge" is from 1620s.


n. 1 A vent or similar passage to allow the escape of something. 2 Something which allows for the release of one's desires. 3 A river that runs out of a lake. 4 A shop that sells the products of a particular manufacturer or supplier. 5 A wall-mounted device such as a socket or receptacle connected to an electrical system at which current is taken to supply utilization equipment or appliances.

  1. n. a place of business for retailing goods [syn: mercantile establishment, retail store, sales outlet]

  2. receptacle providing a place in a wiring system where current can be taken to run electrical devices [syn: wall socket, wall plug, electric outlet, electrical outlet, electric receptacle]

  3. an opening that permits escape or release; "he blocked the way out"; "the canyon had only one issue" [syn: exit, issue, way out]

  4. activity that releases or expresses creative energy or emotion; "she had no other outlet for her feelings"; "he gave vent to his anger" [syn: release, vent]


Outlet may mean:

  • An electrical outlet
  • An outlet store or outlet mall
  • The pelvic outlet
  • A type of instance variable used for graphical user interface programming in the OpenStep / Cocoa environment
  • Outlet, Ontario, a community in Canada
  • The Outlet Company, a defunct retail and broadcasting company
  • Outlet (Antigua newspaper)
  • The point where a river runs out of a lake, as opposed to the River mouth
Outlet (Antigua newspaper)

Outlet was a radical newspaper published from Saint John's, Antigua and Barbuda. Outlet was founded in 1968. The newspaper was edited by Tim Hector and James Knight. It functioned as a weekly organ of the Antigua Caribbean Liberation Movement (ACLM). For the ACLM the newspaper played a very important role. In its heyday Outlet claimed a circulation of around 5,000 copies, thus being the most widely read newspaper on Antigua. As of the early 1970s, Outlet and Standard (which appeared on irregular basis) were the sole opposition newspapers in the country.

Outlet was outspoken against corruption in the country. It argued that the Vere Bird government was guilty of lax control of casino businesses, peddling passports to non-Antiguans, mismanaging foreign loans, and using Antigua and Barbuda to launder arms shipments to South Africa. Due to its criticisms, Outlet was often targeted by the government.

In June 1978 Antigua Printing and Publishing Company ceased to print Outlet. The company claimed that the decision was motivated by fears that Outlet risked a libel lawsuit.

In 1982 Outlet was pressured by the government to apply for a surety bond, following fresh criticism of government corruption in its articles. Then on 23 July 1982 around twenty police officers raided the Outlet office, seizing documents and mailing lists of subscribers. The police claimed that the seized materials were secret government documents and that the publishers would be charged under the Official Secrets Act (it later turned out that the documents were publications of UNESCO and documents from Barbados about the Space Research Corporation). The Commissioner of Police Edric Potter declared that publishing of Outlet would be banned as of 31 July 1982. On 26 July 1982, a break-in at the office occurred, and equipment worth 8,000 East Caribbean dollars was stolen. Copies of the 21 August 1982 issue of Outlet were seized by police. These events prompted the newspaper to bring the government in front of High Court, charging it with trying to deny the newspaper its "constitutional right" to publish. On 4 September 1982, the High Court ruled that Outlet was a legitimate newspaper with constitutional right to be published.

In 1984 accusations of corruption and maladministration published by ACLM pressured the government to call fresh elections. In May 1985 Hector was charged with spreading 'false statements' about the government and the Commissioner of Police. In 1990 the Privy Council found the charges unconstitutional.

The office the newspaper was targeted by arsonists, following a November 1998 article in Outlet charging the government with secretly having imported weaponry for half a million dollars. The attack on Outlet would affect the campaigning ahead of the 1999 general election.

As of the early 2000s, the newspaper was published on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Usage examples of "outlet".

They proceeded as far as Cape Magala, and decided that the chief outlet of the lake must be an affluent of the Lualaba, a conclusion that was subsequently confirmed by Cameron.

For with the burning out of the generator bars the energy of the disintegrating allotropic iron had had no outlet, and had built up until it had broken through its insulation and in an irresistible flood of power had torn through all obstacles in its path to neutralization.

The matris and elders figured out a long, long time ago that we need outlets for aggression.

Condition of the Urethra with three Strictures and a congenital contraction at the meatus or outlet.

We have just shown that independent chimney tops pass off their smoke more perfectly, than when only partitioned inside to the common point of outlet.

Beneath their feet was a porous matrix that seemed at least half-alive, that absorbed anything organic and dead and moved rubbish to collector outlets with a disturbing peristaltic motion.

It felt vaguely like holding my hand against a recirculating outlet in a swimming poolit was a tenuous thing, that felt like it might easily slide to one side.

And at the same time, at every Telpor outlet throughout Terra, a total aggregate of roughly two thousand of his toughest veteran field reps will do the same.

Matson that when he and the two thousand LI field reps arrive at the retail outlets of THL they will not be teleported but will be arrested and undoubtedly painlessly murdered.

Filtration and sanitation plant: discovered pump had been allowed to run with outlet valve shut, with resuit that electrical demand for motor increased, boiling water inside pump.

Everyone had heard tales of people roaming the subterranean world who had taken injudicious turns and found themselves irretrievably lost in mazes built in ancient days to delude possible invaders, bewilderingly intricate webworks of anarchic design whose outlets were essentially unfindable and from which the only escape was through starvation.

Slumps occurred and cave-ins as the surface warmed, and where the summer melt could find no outlet, bogs and swamps and thaw-lakes appeared.

Achilles is a war between the assembled armies of the Achaean cities and Troy, a rich, fortified city on the coast of Asia Minor near the Hellespont, the narrow western outlet of the long passage from the Black Sea to the Aegean.

All the frustrations James was experiencing with a recalcitrant, unco-operative, fissive, argumentative and Anglocentric parliament could find their outlet here.

The northwestern shore of Hispaniola, lying as it does at the eastern outlet of the old Bahama Channel, running between the island of Cuba and the great Bahama Banks, lay almost in the very main stream of travel.