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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
outfox/outwit/outmanoeuvre an opponent (=gain an advantage over an opponent by being more intelligent or skilful than they are)
▪ Football is all about outwitting your opponents.
▪ So far Hutchinson has managed to outfox police.
▪ Electrical engineers get paid well to outfox the lateral causality inherent in all circuits.
▪ It is about trying to outfox your opponent.
▪ They emerged north of the Absaroke Mountains, having brilliantly outfoxed their pursuers once more.
▪ Urquhart is a manipulative murderer who could outfox Machiavelli, while Richardson seems utterly guileless.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

outfox \out*fox"\ (out`f[o^]ks") v. t. [out + fox; from the supposed cleverness of a fox in stalking prey.] To defeat or gain an advantage over (an antagonist) by clever stratagems; to outwit; to outmaneuver; to outsmart.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"outwit," 1939, from out + fox (q.v.). Related: Outfoxed; outfoxing.


vb. (context transitive English) to beat in a competition of wits

  1. v. outdo someone in trickery

  2. beat through cleverness and wit; "I beat the traffic"; "She outfoxed her competitors" [syn: outwit, overreach, outsmart, beat, circumvent]

Usage examples of "outfox".

What Joel was learning to do better than anything else was to outfox others as a means of self-preservation.

A burglar sophisticated enough to outfox a complicated alarm system should certainly know that.

As if she had outfoxed the competition, the whole sequence left her feeling super efficient, momentarily suppressing the hurt of her failed marriage and setting her up for the board meeting to come.

Temple Mount, where the Hebrew temples of Solomon and Herod stood, where our young Lord Jesus outfoxed the rabbis, and so forth.

He hung around till I turned the corner, pretending to be interested in a brassware display, but I outfoxed him and ducked back in time to see him go into the jewelry booth to find out what I bought.

He gave the impression he was intent on outfoxing us, working on our guilt, showing us that no matter how little sleep we got, he got less.

But there was no point in wondering whether the Tippoo was outfoxing him, that way lay indecision, and so Harris tapped his quill on the map.

And how, on Maragor, you outfoxed a larger Tswa regiment, not once but twice.

But—maybe he could outfox the underground crickets by bollixing up whatever invisible thread bound their machines to the orbital chariot.

He had outsung, outdanced, outpunned, outdrunk, outraged and outfoxed the lot of us, from the moment we'd clapped him in irons and put him in our thrall-and we had reacted pretty much like a convention of narcotics officers confronted by Hunter Thompson.

Andreus merely continued the game, until you outfoxed him by ruining the winnings.

Morragan guessed that Angavar would have set some device on his betrothed to keep her from harm, and guessing this he tried the harder, yet she outfoxed her pursuers, slipping from their net a fourth and final time.

Smartest momma of any they knew but they'd outfoxed her 'cause naturally they came back to Peach Tree Creek to play, year following year.

When it comes to conducting battlefield operations—or outfoxing an enemy commander—Jefferson's president is spectacularly useless.

When it comes to conducting battlefield operations—or outfoxing an enemy commander—Jefferson's president is spectacularly useless.