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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Aboriginals still point to various rocky outcrops or sandstone gullies which trace the Myndie Snake's progress through the outback.
▪ But the other reason to break the journey is to see some of the outback.
▪ The Rock is their excuse for visiting the outback.
▪ They sell riding over boulders in the outback to people circling the city for parking spaces.
▪ We must even be judicious when hiking though the outback, where objects sometimes call out for rescue.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

outback \outback\ n. The remote bush country of Australia; as, they hunted kangaroo in the outback. [Australian]


outback \outback\ adj. same as out-of-the-way. [prenominal]

Syn: backwoods(prenominal), out-of-the-way, remote.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"back-country, interior regions of Australia," 1907, Australian English, originally an adverb, "out in the back settlements" (1878), from out + back (adv.).


a. Characteristic of the most remote and desolate areas of Australia; very remote from urban areas. adv. To or towards the most remote and desolate areas of Australia. n. (context Australia English) The most remote and desolate areas of Australia; the desert and areas too arid for growing crops.

  1. adj. inaccessible and sparsely populated [syn: backwoods(a), outback(a), remote]

  2. n. the bush country of the interior of Australia


The Outback is the vast, remote, arid interior of Australia. The term "the outback" is generally used to refer to locations that are comparatively more remote than those areas named " the bush" which, colloquially, can refer to any lands outside the main urban areas.

Outback (group)

Outback was a world music group founded in the late 1980s by multi-instrumentalists Graham Wiggins and Martin Cradick. The group became famous for its fusing of traditional Australian tribal music, represented primarily through Wiggins's didgeridoo, with modern Western music, mostly Cradick's acoustic guitar. Before the band dissolved in 1992, it had been joined by Senegalese Sagar N'Gom, French violinist Paddy Le Mercier and drummer Ian Campbell.

Outback (disambiguation)

The Outback is the name used to describe remote arid regions of Australia.

Outback can also mean:

Outback (Transformers)

Outback is a fictional character in the Transformers universe. He's an Autobot who turns into a car. Due to trademark issues, newer toys of the character are named Fallback, although he's often still called Outback in the comics.

Outback (album)

Outback is a jazz album by Joe Farrell on the CTI Records label. It was recorded at the Van Gelder Studio in November 1971.

Outback (region)

The Outback Region is one of seven regions used by the Local Government Association of South Australia to describe the territories used by its regional groupings of local government areas.

Outback (G.I. Joe)

Outback is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline and comic book series. He is the G.I. Joe Team's survivalist and debuted in 1987.

Usage examples of "outback".

The smaller snowplows must have come, because Cater had been cleared, permitting car traffic and curbside crack takeaway to recommence, busy as Outback Steakhouse.

I can put out the duckbilled platypus ashtray my mates gave me when I was leaving the Outback?

In these latest operations, one of our patrols was known to be scouting the Plutonian outback for subsurface tunnels and galleries where unscrupulous adventurers sneak off to hide after preying on our outposts and transports.

Outside the electrified perimeter sprawled Shacktown, one of those shameful slums-cum-animal-pens that sprang up around an Outback landing field.

This was capped off with the East Africa Groundnut Scheme, which turned a three-million-acre swath of Tanganyikan outback into a vast state-run peanut farm that collapsed in fiasco.

Flight 2039, nonstop from here to Sydney, will be hijacked by a maniac and crash somewhere in the Australian outback.

Many picturesque, outback villages got their first taste of tourism not from families driving Fords or Chevrolets, but from clusters of boozing "city boys" on motorcycles.

Many picturesque, outback villages got their first taste of tourism not from families driving Fords or Chevrolets, but from clusters of boozing city boys on motorcycles.

It was representative voting, they had decided, one vote for each of the signatory groups to the Dorsa Brevia document, one vote also to all the interested parties that had arisen since then— new settlements in the outback, new political parties, associations, labs, companies, guerrilla bands, the several red splinter groups.

It has been settled along the coastal fringe by humans, but the Outback which means the Inland and most of the country north of Capricornis practically still the way it was when Men first came here.

And then you can go join the other artistic dilettantes and dropouts and mental cases that Sad King Billy collects on whatever Outback world he lives on.

In this array MarsFirst had become something like the political wing of the Red ecoteurs still in the outback, a nasty expedient unscrupulous organization, folded into the Free Mars super-majority for no good ideological reason.

Social activity in every little Outback town centered around its pubs, or the bottle shops where liquor could be purchased for takeout.

Lying low in some cattle station in the Outback, waiting until the time was right to come back to his old haunts with a new identity?

The hospital population, at least in this semirandom sample, seemed to contain only a few Aboriginal patients, but as she looked at the disaffected faces of all colors, at eyes tracking on any movement for lack of something better to do, Calliope could not help remembering pictures she had seen of cattle stations in the outback, portraits of the local Aboriginals who had lost their land and their culturepeople with nothing left to do but stand in the dusty streets and wait for something that was never going to happen, without even an inkling of what that something might be.