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Norwegian capital, probably based on Old Norse os "estuary, river mouth," based on the place's situation.

Oslo, MN -- U.S. city in Minnesota
Population (2000): 347
Housing Units (2000): 162
Land area (2000): 0.356617 sq. miles (0.923634 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.024148 sq. miles (0.062544 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.380765 sq. miles (0.986178 sq. km)
FIPS code: 48976
Located within: Minnesota (MN), FIPS 27
Location: 48.195698 N, 97.131296 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 56744
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Oslo, MN

Oslo (, , or, rarer or ) is the capital and the most populous city in Norway.

Oslo constitutes both a county and a municipality. Founded in the year 1040, and established as a "kaupstad" or trading place in 1048 by King Harald III, the city was elevated to a bishopric in 1070 and a capital under Haakon V around 1300. Personal unions with Denmark from 1397 to 1523 and again from 1536 to 1814 and with Sweden from 1814 to 1905 reduced its influence. After being destroyed by a fire in 1624, the city was moved closer to Akershus Fortress during the reign of King Christian IV and renamed Christiania in his honour. It was established as a municipality ( formannskapsdistrikt) on 1 January 1838. Following a spelling reform, it was known as Kristiania from 1877 to 1925, at which time its original Norwegian name was restored.

Oslo is the economic and governmental centre of Norway. The city is also a hub of Norwegian trade, banking, industry and shipping. It is an important centre for maritime industries and maritime trade in Europe. The city is home to many companies within the maritime sector, some of which are among the world's largest shipping companies, shipbrokers and maritime insurance brokers. Oslo is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and the European Commission intercultural cities programme.

Oslo is considered a global city and ranked "Beta World City" in studies carried out by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network in 2008. It was ranked number one in terms of quality of life among European large cities in the European Cities of the Future 2012 report by fDi magazine. A survey conducted by ECA International in 2011 placed Oslo as the second most expensive city in the world for living expenses after Tokyo. In 2013 Oslo tied with the Australian city of Melbourne as the fourth most expensive city in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)'s Worldwide Cost of Living study.

As of January 1, 2016, the municipality of Oslo has a population of 658,390, while the population of the city's urban area was 942,084. The metropolitan area had an estimated population of 1.71 million. The population is currently increasing at record rates, making it the fastest growing major city in Europe. This growth stems for the most part from international immigration and related high birth rates, but also from intra-national migration. The immigrant population in the city is growing somewhat faster than the Norwegian population, and in the city proper this is now more than 25% of the total.

Oslo (disambiguation)

Oslo is the capital of Norway.

Oslo may also refer to:

  • Oslo, Minnesota, a small city in northwest Minnesota, United States
  • Oslo, Dodge County, Minnesota, an unincorporated community in southeast Minnesota, United States
  • Oslo (Hackney), an East London kitchen-bar-venue based in Hackney
  • Oslo, Florida, an unincorporated community in Florida, United States
  • Oslo (band), a Californian rock band
  • Oslo (duo), runners-up in French Popstars in 2013, and made up of Eugénie and Vincent
  • Oslo, a character in the French show Skyland
  • Open Source and Linux Organization, a project by Hewlett-Packard
  • Optics Software for Layout and Optimization
  • Gamlebyen in Oslo, Norway, was known as Oslo until 1925
Oslo (band)

Oslo is a alternative indie rock band based in California. They have existed together as a trio, with a core of Mattia Borrani on lead vocals, Kerry Wayne James on bass, and Gabrial McNair on guitars. Famously, McNair was a touring member of the band No Doubt.

They have since added keyboardist Damon Ramirez and went through twelve drummers, settling on original drummer Charlie Walker, who initially left the band to live in New York. They released their second album, The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate, in November 2007.

Oslo (Hackney)

Oslo Hackney is a discothèque, bar and food venue located in Hackney Central, East London. It is the first club to open in that area of Hackney. Notable musicians that played in it since 2014 opening are Marina and the Diamonds, Klaxons, Sky Ferreira and others.

Oslo Hackney, the club, is run by Dollop's Sam Laurence. Friday nights are managed by Adam Wagstaff and Nimrod Kamer.

DJs that have played in the venue include AJ Odudu, Frederick Macpherson, Billie JD Porter, George Craig and Jack Peñate.

Usage examples of "oslo".

I brought the glass to my mouth, the fumes punched right into my hindbrain and the memories there: sitting in the restaurant in Oslo, stomach full of good food, sipping Armagnac while Julia leaned across the table and put her hand on my arm, her lovely hair swinging across her jaw, smoky sable in the low lighting.

In the years that followed their initial observation, Bliss in London, Andersen in Oslo and an increasing number of labs began to investigate in immense detail the neurophysiology of LTP.

While Fritz Truczinski, a corporal in the air corps, sent postcards from Paris, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Brussels -- the fellow was always traveling on official buisness -- Maria and I acquired quite a tan.

We leave the day after tomorrow, arriving Oslo on the first of May, and will be back midmonth, depending.

The next Fall was due to hit Kahrain Province, just above the deserted Oslo Landing, continue on to fall over Paradise River Stake, and end in the Araby Plains.

  The next Fall was due to hit Kahrain Province, just above the deserted Oslo Landing, continue on to fall over Paradise River Stake, and end in the Araby Plains.

Per Fraus-Dolos, Professor emeritus of Comparative literature at the University of Oslo, Norway, compiled all the known sources and began the massive task of translation which occupied him until his death in 1957.

A few of the eligibles opted to spend their time between New Oslo and Bronny, soaking up the beer and ’Finni hospitality.

A few of the eligibles opted to spend their time between New Oslo and Bronny, soaking up the beer and 'Finni hospitality.

Had it been summer-time they might have fared better, as the place was a favourite holiday resort, famed for its boating, fishing and excursions into the mountains, in addition to which many of the wealthier people in Oslo often motored up there for the week-end, so in the season the hotel kitchen might have coped with this unusual rush of business.

They could see old Oslo Landing inundated, see the tsunami streaming along the slop­ing coastline to attack the stones of Kahrain Cape.

Sheffield made me just so determined to go out and give it a good go in Oslo.

He paused for a moment when he saw the letter heading -- hotel CONTINENTAL, STORTINGS GATA, OSLO.

He talked to a girl in a tobacconist shop, a professional guide, a taxi-man, several barmen and quite a number of people who were having drinks in bars, and by the end of the day he was beginning to think that he had drawn too black a picture of the situation through having mixed entirely with pro-Nazis during his stay in Oslo.

The second videogram, a jumbo floppy, was from Denis, origin Oslo, transmission time last Saturday.