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  1. n. a system of principles for philosophic or scientific investigations; an instrument for acquiring knowledge

  2. [also: organa (pl)]

  1. See organon

  2. [also: organums (pl)]


Organa (Bu-Yurgan) was Kubrat's maternal uncle of the Ermi clan. According to John of Nikiu, he was regent ( kavkhan) over the tribe of the Onogur Bulgars from 617 to 630 in place of his nephew, Kubrat, for the time Kubrat was growing up as a hostage in the Byzantine Empire and there is information that Organa accompanied Kubrat on his initial trip to Constantinople. Some historians identified Organa with Gostun and Western Turks qaghan Mohotu ( Külüg Sibir). Panos Sophoulis considered that Organa is in fact a Turkic title (or- ḡan/qan) rather than a proper name.

Usage examples of "organa".

She'd arrived on Coruscant just in time to see Shada leaving the Imperial City, and had tracked her to an apartment owned by High Councilor Leia Organa Solo and her husband near the Manarai Mountains.

They finally identified a passenger who arrived by medical evacuation ship as Organa Solo's daughter, Jaina.

Vanden Willard becomes personal assistant to the Organa royal family of Alderaan.

Besides, I do not think Leia Organa Solo the type to break a promise of safe passage.

Omas had called a select group of people together to discuss the outcomes of both meetings: apart from Hamner, both Skywalkers were there, along with Leia Organa Solo, Releqy A'Kla, and Sien Sow, the Sul-lustan Supreme Commander of the slowly re-forming Galactic Alliance military.

Yoda, leaning on his small cane, glanced at Bail Organa, always a reliable and competent man, and gave a slight nod.

Some time later, Nariss turns down Darth Vader's request to hunt Han Solo and Leia Organa.