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Orana (comics)

Orana is a fictional character owned by DC Comics. Orana was a red-haired Amazon who challenged and defeated Princess Diana for the title of Wonder Woman in WW issue #250 (December 1978). Orana adopted the self-imposed title as the "New Wonder Woman" and departed Paradise Island for New York City. She was killed in action shortly into her reign and allowed Diana to reclaim the role as Wonder Woman.

Orana's appearance, mannerisms and storyline served as the inspiration for a future red haired Wonder Woman, Artemis.

Orana (New South Wales)

Orana is a region in central northern New South Wales, Australia. It has a population of 120,000 people, and is the largest region in New South Wales with an area of , approximately 25% of the state. The major localities are Dubbo, Cobar and Mudgee.

The Orana region encompasses thirteen local government areas which are the City of Dubbo, Mid-Western Regional Council and the Shires of Bourke, Cobar, Bogan, Walgett, Brewarrina, Warrumbungle, Wellington, Narromine, Warren, Gilgandra and Coonamble. This region corresponds approximately with the Australian Bureau of Statistics North Western Statistical Division.

Orana (moth)

'''Orana ''' is a genus of moths in the family Lymantriidae.