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open account
  1. n. credit extended by a business to a customer [syn: credit account, charge account]

  2. an unpaid credit order

Usage examples of "open account".

Hub stuck me for a hundred and something dollars on the books, an open account, when he took off.

One glance at the open account books informed him that the contents of an older ledger were being transferred to a new one with mathematical corrections.

I wanted to add that, while seventy-four hundred is a respectable sum, I find myself more impressed by the fact that, with no assets other than that lottery ticket, you persuaded a most conservative credit banking firm to extend to you an open account in the amount of a million dollars, reckoned in gold.

Then he went to Stilnan's desk and looked at the open account book.

Select cloth from samples book, admire same cloth in the piece - since Pendel was careful never to display a sample unless he had the cloth in stock - repair to fitting room for measurement, inspect Gentleman's Boutique and Sportsman's Corner, tour rear corridor, say hullo to Marta, open account, pay deposit unless otherwise agreed, come back in ten days for first fitting.

I should have given him an open account to keep running stuff on Anshiser and everybody else involved.