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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
credit account
▪ A credit account avoids errors and saves time.
▪ Fees are payable by cheque, postal order or through a Land Registry credit account.
▪ He organized a sales ledger which offered a credit account to naval customers, and even encouraged payment by instalment.
▪ The appropriate fee should either accompany the application form, or will be debited to your firm's credit account where appropriate.
▪ The latter only applies to credit account holders.
credit account

n. credit extended by a business to a customer [syn: charge account, open account]

Usage examples of "credit account".

I want to deposit it to your credit account in the National Data Banks.

In addition to an identity you have acquired a nice credit account, not large but adequate and your heritage check will keep you going, too.

And for the rest of his life he could milk the dividends that would accrue on the upperclass cloddy's credit account from his Variable Basic.

Poldep is saying it's Todd who's been rustling from his own father, amassing a fat credit account off-world.

In fact, some of that large sum in his credit account could have been paid in by them.

Look, tap your programs and tell me what happened to the downside personnel credit account about 1600 London time tonight.

The working credit account had been balanced, closed, and signed off.

If Madame prefers not to use her general credit account-her privilege!

Carson City was too wary and too wise to open up a credit account with the imported bantling with anything like indecent haste.