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Etymology 1 abbr. 1 or nearest offer 2 (context Internet slang English) over and out Etymology 2

a. (context Hawaiian slang English) good-tasting, delicious.


ONO, Ono or Ōno may refer to:

Ono (weapon)

(masa-kari) is the Japanese word for an " axe" or a " hatchet", and is used to describe various tools of similar structure. As with axes in other cultures, ono are sometimes employed as weapons. Many existing examples of this particular weapon are associated with the sōhei or yamabushi (warrior monks), who also adapt other agricultural tools as weapons although samurai are also pictured as using ono in wood block prints. Ono that were specifically designed for military use are of extreme rarity. The weapon version of the ono is described as having "a very large head with a very convex cutting edge and a large scroll-shaped peen opposite it. It has a sheath covering only the edge of the blade. The entire length is nearly six feet" (stone,475).

ONO (Spain)

ONO is a Spanish broadband communication and entertainment company, delivering integrated telephone, television and Internet services to its residential customers. In this segment, it has 3.7 million services contracted and over six million users. Recently, it is said that Vodafone placed a bid of 7 billion euros for ONO. About ONO, it is a film production company only for Justin and the Knights of Valour.

ONO was incorporated in 1998. Before commencing its operations, the company took part in a series of competitive tenders which were called after the coming into force of Spain's General Telecommunications by Cable Act 42/95. From 1996 to 1998, ONO was awarded the licenses to provide cable television and telecommunications services in the regions of Valencia, Castellon, Alicante, Murcia, Cádiz, Huelva, Cantabria, Majorca and Albacete.

As the company rolled out its own latest-generation network across its regions, users started to enjoy its TV, telephone and Internet services. By the end of 2002, ONO was already present in approximately one in every three homes prepared to receive its services. A year later, it was awarded the license to operate in Castile-La Mancha and, in 2004, it acquired the telecommunications operator Retecal, covering Castile and León, Spain’s second largest region by geographical area.

In November 2005, ONO closed the acquisition of 100% of the telecoms company Auna Tlc, thereby consolidating its presence as Spain's leading broadband communications and entertainment company and extending its services to the communities of Aragon, Andalusia (excluding Cadiz and Huelva, which already belonged to ONO), the Canary Islands, Catalonia, La Rioja, Madrid and Navarra.

On 17 March 2014, ONO announced it would be acquired by Vodafone for €7.2 billion (US$10 billion), subject to regulatory approval.

Ono (P2P)

The Ono project is a software service that allows Peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) clients to efficiently identify nearby peers. Using local peers takes pressure off international and other long distance transfers, and is said to simultaneously increase file download speeds.

This is a research project of Fabián E. Bustamante's AquaLab group at Northwestern University.

Ono claims to be able to increase download rates by between 31% and 207% on average, depending on whether the client is on an overloaded network or one with large available bandwidth. It is most visible as a plugin for the Azureus BitTorrent client - it is also available as an open tracker, and the Aqualab research group has recently published code to make Ono services easy to incorporate into other applications.

A more recent evaluation (one that used a single client connected to only one ISP located in the United States) has shown that Ono's benefits in practice are far short of the claims made in the original paper. In particular, when downloading real BitTorrent swarms while measuring the end-to-end benefits of using Ono, performance is unchanged, and interdomain traffic is reduced by less than 1%. While interesting, it is difficult to draw conclusions on the behavior of an Ono and similar software for large-scale distributed systems using the perspective of a single vantage point. The Ono authors have an interesting discussion on the pitfalls of testbed evaluations of Internet systems in the ACM SIGCOMM CCR of April 2010.

Ono is open source and does not require additional infrastructure. To determine which peers are close by, Ono learns from existing Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) such as Akamai and Limelight. It assumes that if 2 client computers are sent to the same CDN server, they are likely to be close to each other - and more effective peers.

The P4P project shares a similar goal to Ono, but requires co-operation with ISPs and the installation of "iTracker" servers to identify nearby peers.

Ono (surname)

Ono and Ōno is a Japanese surname. Ono means "small field" and Ōno means "large field". Both are used as Japanese surnames. The following people were born in Japan, unless otherwise noted:

  • Ono no Azumabito (d. 757), a Japanese court official during the Nara period, governor of Bizen province
  • Ōno no Azumabito (d. 742), an official, during the same period, who held the Imperial position of Chinjufu-shogun
  • Chizu Ono, a photographer
  • Daisuke Ono, a voice actor
  • Frank H. Ono, a Japanese-American soldier
  • Ōno Harunaga, a general under Toyotomi Hideyori
  • Hitoshi Ono, a rugby player
  • Jiro Ono (chef) (born 1925), chef of Sukiyabashi Jiro, a three-Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant
  • Kazushi Ono, an orchestra and opera conductor
  • Ken Ono, a Japanese-American mathematician
  • Kōsei Ono, a rugby player
  • Ōno Kurobei, a chief retainer of the Banshū Akō Domain
  • Lisa Ono, a Japanese-Brazilian bossa nova singer
  • Machiko Ono, actress
  • Marina Ōno, a voice actress
  • Masatoshi Ono, a rock/heavy metal singer
  • Minoru Ōno, the real name of Saburō Kitajima, an Enka singer
  • Ryōko Ono, a voice actress
  • Santa J. Ono, a Japanese-American biologist, university administrator and Board member
  • Shinji Ono, a footballer
  • Shinjiro Ono, a former deputy commissioner of the Japan Patent Office
  • Shunzo Ono, a footballer
  • Susumu Ōno, a linguist
  • Takashi Ono (born 1931), a gymnast and Olympic medalist
  • Takashi Ono (judoka) (born 1980), a martial arts practitioner
  • Takashi Ono (mathematician) (born 1928), number theorist
  • Toshihiro Ono, a manga artist
  • Yoko Ono, a musician, artist, feminist and peace activist who married John Lennon
  • Yūki Ōno, a wrestler

Usage examples of "ono".

Beatles were not even aware that this partnership document existed until Klein found it, but in any case, these clauses in the partnership agreement had been regularly broken, mostly by John, who had performed with the Plastic Ono Band and released several albums with Yoko.

That year Bryan Robertson pioneered Pop Art at the huge space of the Whitechapel Art Gallery and the Fluxus Group, including Yoko Ono, were shown at Gallery One.