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Oncom is one of the traditional staple foods of West Javan ( Sundanese) cuisine, Indonesia. There are two kinds of oncom: red oncom and black oncom. Oncom is closely related to tempeh; both are foods fermented using mold.

Usually oncom is made from the by-products from the production of other foods: soy bean tailings ( okara) left from making tofu, peanut press cake left after the oil has been pressed out, cassava tailings when extracting the starch ( pati singkong), coconut presscake remaining after oil has been pressed out or when coconut milk has been produced. Since oncom production uses by-products to make food, it increases the economic efficiency of food production.

Red oncom reduces the cholesterol levels of rats, suggesting similar effects in humans.

Black oncom is made by using Rhizopus oligosporus while red oncom is made by using Neurospora intermedia var. oncomensis. It is the only human food produced from Neurospora.