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Omo or OMO may refer to:

  • the IATA airport code for Mostar International Airport
  • Omo River in southern Ethiopia
  • Omo Remains - collection of hominid bones
  • Omo National Park in Ethiopia
  • Open market operations by the Federal Reserve or other central banks
  • Open Market Option allows someone approaching retirement to ‘shop around’
  • Oracle Media Objects a software development application.
  • Omo (detergent) - a detergent product
  • Omo - a historical site in Louisiana, U.S.A.
  • Omo - a Greek word for the scapula, although the omohyoid muscle consist of the same word
  • One-man operation (OMO), a bus or tram on which the driver collects the fares as well as drivingobscure/fan acronym
  • Ontario Mathematics Olympiad

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